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Buy Small Rv Trailer

They happily coughed up the advantages and downsides of their small pull-behind trailer. These are REAL OWNERS' opinions on having smaller floorplans, cooking areas, workspace, bathrooms, and more in their compact campers.

buy small rv trailer

I think it is the perfect size for a solo traveler using it recreationally. I am generally not on the road for longer than six weeks so this small camper is fine for me. If I traveled for months at a time I would probably want a small toy hauler trailer.

I think it is the perfect size for a solo traveler using it recreationally. I am generally not on the road for longer than six weeks, so this small camper is fine for me. If I traveled for months at a time, I would probably want a small toy hauler trailer.

1) The European windows with built-in shades and screens. I love this feature, and they are the highest quality window manufacturers make, and they are a game-changer. I would never choose a small travel camper model again without these windows.

3) The exterior is Azdel and cleans up beautifully. The framing is welded aluminum. I gave it a nine instead of a ten because the exterior storage doors are chintzy and always hard to open and close and because the trailer sewer hose opening is not big enough for a hose with the end caps attached to it.

Mine does not have a bathroom! It's the standard model without that option. You CAN get a bathroom with the standard option, as well as with the deluxe option. I like to have a bench seat to work and have a place to relax beside the bed. My customization solution for this was to get a composting toilet which has worked out so far. Be sure you know if you can live without a bathroom or not. (Find small camping trailers with bathrooms.)

I bought the Scamp for a couple of reasons. It was time for my old rig to go, I wanted to travel small for my Baja Mexico adventures, and I just bought my Jeep and wanted to find something I could tow with that.

Shawna and Ray are newer RVers, only having been on the road full-time for six months. She and Ray dig their Airstream, but it's a touch small for them and their two dogs for full-time. Other couples may do fine in it.

They went smaller because they wanted their Jeep to be able to tow the small RV camper. Take heed if you are in the market to buy a trailer! Switching out your vehicle to a heavier-duty truck might be a better idea.

It definitely did benefit us with ease of travel! The small size is very to tow and maneuver. However, we prefer to live in something a little bigger for comfort, and we may upgrade to a bigger size in the future.

It's really a great little trailer! Feels like a tiny rocket ship, haha. Ideal for weekend getaways, vacations, or a full-time solo traveler. If you are planning to live full-time in this trailer and have more than one person, we recommend going up to a bigger floorplan to the 19 or 20-foot size.

Keri (@keepupwithkeri) and I met at an Xscapers New Years gathering. She's super intelligent, and I dug her right away. She and her dog Keith lived in her 2018 Aliner folding camper for about a year. Finally, the dream of trying to full-time in this small camper trailer, one step up from tent camping, saw many a downside for her. It took too much energy to set up/take down, so Keri sold it.

I went with the small size because it could be towed by the vehicle I already owned, my Toyota 4Runner, and that really appealed to me. I love the maneuverability of the small size, and it has taught me how to truly live tiny, completely downsize my life, and focus on non-material things.

If I had been someone who was only going to be camping a few times a year, I would have purchased something smaller and cheaper (a teardrop trailer!). You can find some great quality travel trailers for less frequent use at lower prices.

I think it's a great utilitarian trailer for boondocking or extensive travel where you are driving miles upon miles, all while offering some modern accessories, touches, and comforts, giving it the Airstream feel.

If I had known what I know now, I would have gone with an exterior length 20-25 foot model from the dealership. (Instead, now he's just looking at tiny camping trailers to buy his own, so I can keep my Basecamp as a single person camper.)

As a general tip, make a list of your needs and wants before starting to shop for small travel trailers. My list included items such as enough room for the cat litter, a big bed (at least a RV queen bed size) to fit the dog, cat, and I, a comfortable kitchen space to cook in, tons of windows, etc.

I sat down with that list during my small RV trailers search for small pull behind campers, and it significantly narrowed the results, making the search much easier. Also, knowing the size of larger items you need to fit is critical. For example, when I first showed up to tour the Basecamp, I brought a measuring tape and specifically scoped out an area to put the litter box.

You can also get a solar panel as an option, and it comes standard with a Zamp plug, making it very easy to add plug-in solar panels and be boondocking ready right off the lot. Overall, I absolutely love my Basecamp and find it extremely cozy and comfortable compared to other tiny travel trailers.

Darcy volunteered to show her Happier Camper off when I was searching for people with small lightweight campers. Boy, was I excited to hear from someone with a Happier Camper! They are so unique in their look and the interior build.

It is perfect for me in its simplicity, and I think the newer models offer better design. Be prepared to wait longer than the company tells you. Also, be ready to have inquisitive people constantly telling you how cute your trailer is!

We love the small size of the Casita Travel Trailer to access any park, campsite, or boondocking spot. And we also like how the small space keeps us accountable to live minimally and stay clean and organized.

A good mantra to have with the Casita is "Having less is more." Living full-time with two people in the trailer, we only carried one pot, one pan, a moka pot for coffee, and two each of cups, plates, forks, knives, and spoons.

Make sure everyone can fit in the bed and stand up straight in the trailer. We're 5 foot 7 inches and 5 foot 1 inch, have a baby, and it's perfect for us, but some taller friends that visit can't stand up straight and are too long for the bed space.

We lived in our Casita Travel Trailer as a young married couple for two years living, traveling, and working together in the trailer full-time. You can take a tour of ours and see us during the buying process on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters show here.

It is perfect for roaming the US and Canada in. Having a little camper helps you travel spontaneously because you don't have to research everywhere you want to go first to see if you'll fit. Also, it's nice to have a small rig when you're running errands in Walmart and grocery store parking lots. (Can you park overnight at Walmart?)

When considering the Casita, make sure you can stand up in it, sleep well, and cook in it comfortably. It is tiny, so it's great when the weather is nice, and you can extend your living space outside. However, we tend to travel with the good weather because when it's cold and rainy for a few days, it does become small inside.

These small camp trailers are fun! And, a bonus is, when you have a Casita, you're automatically in a new family. Casita owners have a super friendly and supportive community to help each other. Be ready to make fast friends on the road with other mini camper trailer owners! Happy trails from Adam and Lindsey!

Larger small pull campers in the 12-18 foot range can run from $15,000 to $60,000+. Buying used means you can shave anywhere from 30-50% off of that cost depending on the year, make, and model of that trailer.

Some small lightweight pull campers do have AC, and others do not. For some, it's an option that the original owner either chose to get or not. The most basic tiny RV trailers do not have AC and don't offer it as an option.

Whether a small camper is worth it is up to you. We love them and think they have their place in the camping world. The smaller your camper is, the less there is to maintain and the less that can go wrong with it.

A micro camper is nothing more than a very small camping trailer. It may have nothing but space for a bed and nothing else. They are easy to pull with small trucks or SUVs, and some are so light they can even be moved around by hand.

Either go small and choose a wider variety of spots you can visit, or go bigger and have more headaches with more that can go wrong and fewer places you can camp. If your destination is always a campground, this won't matter to you much.

But if you can handle living in such a small place, especially if it's only for short camping trips, then your preferences might lean towards these types of mini travel trailers. There are so many different styles and different floor plans you're sure to find a cute tiny camper to your liking.

Pack up your family into your easy-to-tow travel trailer, potentially complete with a gas stove, dinette, beds, LED lights, tv, microwave, and a table for feasting. You can head pretty much anywhere on the road, and your travel trailer will take you!

My wife and I have been looking at small camper trailers for twenty years and finally pulled the trigger in Dec 2021. We took the Oliver factory tour and ordered the Oliver Elite, a single axle, double fiber glass hull trailer on an aircraft aluminum frame and took delivery in Sep 2022. The shakedown cruise was 15 glorious days and nights through the mid-Atlantic states. We absolutely love the vehicle. It is built to last a couple of lifetimes.

Oh yes, that trailer will surely outlast you! And easily your grandkids too, lol! Happy to hear you are happy with your Oliver. They are so well made. I think maybe you should have put a little more time into your research tho. (JK ?)

This is essentially a toy hauler... either you can use it to haul some of your recreation toys, or you can enjoy opening the back to make the inside of your small travel trailer seem more like an outdoor room! 041b061a72


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