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At ALUMNI PROS GLOBAL SPORTS (APGS) we want to help you understand, protect, and capitalize on your most fundamental asset, YOURSELF. Your value as an athlete begins to accrue on the day you first start playing sports. For that reason, our primary focus is to assist current and retired athletes to develop, protect, and capitalize on their “Player Intellectual Property” (PIP). In sum, we want to help you to do WELL, do GOOD, do it NOW…and be RECOGNIZED!


Alumni Pros Global Sports (APGS) is an association that delivers monetization, optimization, and fair distribution of profits related to intellectual property rights for professional and non-professional athletes.

Our mission to serve is strongly influenced by our conviction that it is never too early or too late to take control over your “Player Intellectual Property” (PIP). Therefore, our goal is to provide support to young high school and College athletes focused on starting their professional careers, as well as to active pro-athletes. Moreover, we are also committed to retired athletes, who may be away from the courts, but whose feats will never cease to amaze and inspire us all.

By helping you manage your PIP, our intent is to give you better control over your own value, your brand, your business, your future, and your legacy. Now you may ask, how exactly do we do all that? Our answer is simple, through teamwork.

At APGS we count on a diverse and talented internal team of individuals, as well as on a number of industry-leading strategic partners. Together, we are able to provide our member athletes with a complete suite of services, beginning with by assigning each athlete with our proprietary “Player Intellectual Property” (PIP) Score, which is powered by a comprehensive database of individual player statistics and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. 

Please click on the following links to learn more about our TEAM, our PARTNERS, and our SERVICES.

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