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[S3E11] The Apprentice REPACK

In 2010 New York City, sorcerer's apprentice Dave Stutler was already having a rough week. Then, two strangers magically land at his feet: Miles, a teenager just coming into his own magic, and... well...

[S3E11] The Apprentice


Kanan and Sabine follow Ezra to Dathomir in and are summarily possesed by the night sister ghosts and attack Maul and Ezra. Maul escapes and is put off when Ezra refuses to join him as his apprentice. Ezra, using some subterfuge is able to free Sabine & Kanan from the Night Sister ghosts, destroy their alter (the source of their power), and escape.

Kanan Jarrus senses his apprentice's unease and asks him if something is wrong. Ezra insists that he is alright, but says he saw something. Hera then informs Ezra that the recon team leaves as soon as they have loaded up. When Hera asks for questions, Sabine Wren asks if Thrawn is on Lothal. Hera reports that there has been an increase in capital ships but says they have no confirmation on Thrawn's presence. At that point, Ezra hears Maul's voice growing louder and sees Maul walking behind a pilot.

Maul remarks that this is a strange place, and that the Empire will have a difficult time finding them due to Atollon's remoteness. Ezra and Kanan ignite their lightsabers, and Maul says that he did not come to fight, but to talk with "his" apprentice. When Kanan emphasizes to Maul that Ezra is not his apprentice, Maul replies, "Yet." Ezra asks Maul how he found them, and he explains that when Ezra abruptly severed their connection to the holocrons, both of them were left with fragments of the other person's memories and knowledge, including the location of Chopper Base.

The possessed Kanan and Sabine force Maul and Ezra into a corner, and Ezra warns Maul that he had better not hurt Kanan. Unable to defeat the Nightsister spirits, Maul tells Ezra to follow him on the pretext of showing him how to save his friends. Maul and Ezra flee to the cave entrance with the possessed Kanan and Sabine in pursuit. Ezra and the possessed Kanan engage in a brief lightsaber duel, and Ezra is knocked to the ground. Once Ezra and Maul exit the cave, Ezra asks why the possessed Kanan and Sabine aren't following them out. Maul explains that the spirits are unable to leave the cave, because the altar is the source of their power. Maul apologizes for the state of Ezra's friends, but tells him that this is the opportunity to embrace his destiny as his apprentice.

In tonight's Star Wars Rebels winter finale, 'Visions and Voices' - written by Brent Friedman and directed by Bosco Ng - Ezra is being haunted by Maul, seeing the former Sith lord everywhere he looks. Concerned for his apprentice, Kanan takes Ezra to the Bendu in the hope that the wise force wielder may be able to explain these latest visions. The Bendu doesn't have the answers they seek, but he knows who does: Maul, who at that moment appears not as a vision but as flesh and blood. He's come to fetch Ezra and finish the ritual they started, intent on learning the secret they were so near revealing.

However, even more compelling are the moments in 'Vision and Voices' where Maul is pleading with Ezra. Several times he refers to Ezra as his apprentice (more to annoy Kanan than anything else), but rather than the pseudo-master and apprentice relationship the two have shared before, here Maul is simply desperate for a partner, for a brother.

20 years in the future, Chowder is still reluctant to grow up & leave his immature ways behind. He takes the responsibility of training his own apprentice and being a master chef cause everyone he loves will be unable to move on with their lives if he does not. Chowder selects a turtle apprentice, And in the end, Has 50 babies with Panini. Air Date : 7th-Aug-2010 Read More 041b061a72


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