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Yashwant Lohar HD 1080p: The Ultimate Guide to Watch or Download the Film Online

Yashwant Lohar Full Movie HD 1080p: A Review

If you are a fan of action-packed crime thrillers with a touch of drama, then you might have heard of Yashwant Lohar, a 1997 Bollywood film starring Nana Patekar and Madhoo. It is directed by Anil Mattoo and produced by Vijay K. Ranglani. The film follows the story of Inspector Yashwant Lohar, a plainclothes police detective who does not hesitate to take on corrupt politicians, drug dealers, and criminals. He also faces challenges from his own family, who do not approve of his violent methods.

yashwant lohar full movie hd 1080p


In this article, we will review the rest of the article, based on the outline I have created.

The Story of Yashwant Lohar

The story of Yashwant Lohar is a gripping tale of a fearless and honest cop who fights against the system and the underworld. Yashwant Lohar is a police officer who works in the crime branch. He is not afraid to take on the powerful and corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and criminals who are involved in drug trafficking, extortion, and murder. He is also a loving husband who wants his wife Ragini to pursue her dreams of becoming an IAS officer.

Yashwant Lohar becomes a police officer after his father, a constable, is killed by a gangster. He vows to avenge his father's death and bring justice to the society. He joins the crime branch and works under Inspector Joshi, who is also his mentor and friend. He soon earns a reputation for being a brave and honest cop who does not compromise with his principles. He also earns the wrath of his enemies, especially Salim Shaikh, a notorious drug lord who has connections with the politicians and the police.

Yashwant Lohar goes undercover as a beggar to catch Salim Shaikh red-handed in a drug deal. He succeeds in arresting him and sending him to jail. However, he also faces the consequences of his actions. His superior, Chopra, who is on Salim's payroll, frames him for murder and gets him imprisoned. Meanwhile, his wife Ragini clears the IAS exam and becomes a deputy collector. She suspects that Salim is behind her husband's arrest and decides to expose him.

Salim Shaikh tries to silence Ragini by offering her bribes and threats. When she refuses to bow down, he plots to defame her. He assigns John Frank, an old friend of Ragini, as her police guard. He then spreads rumors of an affair between them and leaks fake photos of them in a compromising position. He also shows these photos to Yashwant Lohar in jail, making him doubt his wife's fidelity. He also releases these photos to the media, tarnishing Ragini's image and reputation.

Yashwant Lohar is released from jail after his innocence is proved by Inspector Joshi. He confronts Ragini and accuses her of cheating on him. She pleads with him to believe her and tells him that she loves him only. Yashwant Lohar is enraged and decides to take revenge on Salim Shaikh and his associates. He goes on a killing spree and eliminates them one by one. He finally confronts Salim Shaikh at a warehouse where he is conducting another drug deal. He shoots him dead and avenges his father's death and his own humiliation.

With Salim Shaikh's crimes exposed, Yashwant Lohar is vindicated and hailed as a hero by the public. He also reconciles with Ragini and realizes that she was always loyal to him. He apologizes to her for doubting her and promises to support her career. They hug each other and walk away happily.

The Performance of Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar is undoubtedly the star of Yashwant Lohar. He delivers a powerful and memorable performance as the titular character. He portrays Yashwant Lohar as a complex and layered character who has both strengths and weaknesses. He shows his courage, honesty, dedication, passion, anger, frustration, pain, love, and remorse with equal intensity and conviction.

Nana Patekar's strengths as an actor are his expressive eyes, his commanding voice, his body language, and his dialogue delivery. He uses these tools effectively to convey the emotions and thoughts of his character. He also improvises some of his dialogues and scenes, adding more depth and realism to them. For example, he added the famous dialogue "Ek machhar" (One mosquito) in the scene where he confronts Salim Shaikh in jail.

Nana Patekar's weaknesses as an actor are his tendency to overact sometimes, his lack of versatility in playing different roles, and his repetitive mannerisms. He sometimes goes overboard with his expressions and gestures, making them look exaggerated or unnatural. He also plays similar roles of angry or rebellious characters in most of his films, limiting his range as an actor. He also repeats some of his mannerisms like shaking his head or rubbing his nose in many scenes, making them look monotonous or predictable.

Nana Patekar's performance as Yashwant Lohar can be compared to other actors who have played similar roles of honest or rogue cops in Bollywood films. Some of them are Amitabh Bachchan in Zanjeer (1973), Sunny Deol in Arjun (1985), A b70169992d


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