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The Arab toddler is sitting with a cigarette in her mouth, looking straight at the camera. Is that a smile on her face? Without context, the image invites laughter, but then we hear from the Arab girl herself. She's grown up now. Her name is Dima. And she says she posed for that photo two decades ago in Kuwait under the glare of her father. "It's a very kind of 'f -- you, Dad' kind of look," Dima says in a recording. "You can see the beginnings of that defiance in (me)."

Arab Girl Pics


The Camerawork show, "Not Given: Talking Of and Around Photographs of Arab Women," featuring photos from the archive of the Arab Image Foundation in Beirut, reveals connections that once existed with the rest of the world. One photo shows a young Arab girl dressed up as a Japanese geisha. Another, taken in Cairo in 1976, looks like it's from the set of a Hollywood western. It shows a braided, teenage actress in straw hat wearing a holster and holding a pistol.

In light of the Cold War, the portrait was described as "the First World's Third World Mona Lisa"[2] in reference to the 16th-century painting of the same name by Leonardo da Vinci.[3][4] Gula's image became "emblematic" in some social circles as the "refugee girl/woman located in some distant camp" that was deserving of compassion from the Western viewer,[5] and also as a symbol of Afghanistan to the West.[6]

Photographs of Gula were featured as part of a cover story on her life in the April 2002 issue of National Geographic and she was the subject of a television documentary, Search for the Afghan Girl, that aired in March 2002. In recognition of her,[24] National Geographic set up the Afghan Girls Fund, a charitable organization with the goal of educating Afghan girls and young women.[25] In 2008, the fund's scope was broadened to include boys and the name was changed to Afghan Children's Fund.[26]

A 2019 article in the Indian magazine The Wire that described a 2002 interview with Gula says that she was angered by the photograph being taken and published without her consent. The writer for The Wire suggests that this is because "it is not welcome for a girl of traditional Pashtun culture to reveal her face, share space, make eye contact and be photographed by a man who does not belong to her family."[6]

\"They stand on their faith to get them through these days,\" she added. \"Her father is just relentless in the searches and trying to help us, and he's made it perfectly clear that he wants his baby home, he needs his baby home, and that he loves his little girl so much.\"

From the beginning, it was a stiff competition. The runners went over the first two hurdles almost together. But half way through the race, Nawal El Moutawakel began to surge ahead. The commentators were shocked. For the first time they noticed the diminutive girl from Morocco in her green vest pulling ahead of the European runners and the tall American.

Steadily and surely, Nawal continued to build up her lead. After the final hurdle, she was well ahead of the rest. Try as hard as they could, they could not catch up with the Moroccan girl. Finally at the end, she threw up her arms and crossed the finish line about four metres ahead of everyone else.

When Nawal breasted the tape, she created history!! She was the first athlete from Morocco to get a gold medal and also the first Arab girl to do so. In 54 seconds, she shattered the image of Arab women in the western world.

But her King and the government of her country did not forget her. She was made minister of sports in Morocco and joined World Athletics and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the first Arab woman to enter high-ranked managerial positions in sports. Today she is an executive committee member of the IOC and is deeply involved in the conduct of the Tokyo Olympics. She is an active member in various IOC Commissions and has been a World Athletics Council Member since 1995.

Other illustrations read: "It's not nice for a girl to have (body) hair", "It's not nice for a girl to like another girl" or "It's not nice for a girl to live alone". They each comprise a sketch, digitally drawn by Atik, along with a comment in Arabic.

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