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Ben And Ed Blood Party

Spanky is the slaphappy butt physics multiplayer game that brings fluid booty movement mechanics to fun arenas, allowing you to compete with or against your friends in short, social and fast paced booty slappin' party modes of tag!

Ben and Ed Blood Party

Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown is a wacky multiplayer party game with physics-based slapstick, completely destructible environments, and tons of crazy weapons. Roast other chickens and become the last chicken standing!

Ready for a bloody good time? Join the fun at Ben and Ed - Blood Party, a 3D platformer where you and your friends play as zombies! Blood and gore abound in this competitive sport game as the undead try to run various obstacle courses and come out in one piece. Or not!

  • A Boy and His X: A Boy and His Zombie, as showcased in the opening sequence, which looks similar to a kid playing with their dog.

  • All for Nothing: After enduring many levels of Platform Hell, the player expects a happy ending after Ed and Ben are reunited, only to discover that Ed never intended to rescue Ben, he just wanted a human meal.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Getting cut to bits in this game is an inevitability. But you can't die from blood loss or anything silly like that! You're a zombie!

  • And Then John Was a Zombie: Bencalypse mode. Where you play as a post-ending Ben trying to escape out into the city.

  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Hans Showmaster. Given that he's willing to kidnap a child for the sake of creating a television show.

  • Crapsack World: Ben is explicitly stated to live "in a crappy world", which by look alone is a destroyed wasteland. The only other human character encountered in the game holds him hostage for the sake of baiting a zombie into performing and being sliced and smashed apart for the public's entertainment.

  • Cruel Twist Ending: Hans Showmaster is defeated in the final level and Ben and Ed are back together again, embracing each other upon being reunited. Everything seems happy until Ed starts eating Ben. Ed had never been trying to save him, he was a dog racing after a juicy rabbit.

  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: If Ed falls off the stage or has his head destroyed, the player simply needs to hit Enter and he'll respawn no problem. The only real punishment for dying is having to do a section of level again.

  • Death of a Child: The game has probably one of the most shocking and hard-hitting moments yet. Poor Ben.

  • Deadly Game: Well it would be if our protagonist wasn't already dead to begin with.

  • Determinator: Ed. Even as he gets cut up and slapped silly by the traps, he just won't stop to get to Ben.

  • Downer Ending: After finally catching up to him at the end of the last level, Ed proceeds to violently and brutally devour Ben, apparently having only seen him as another meal.

  • Easter Egg: After following a hidden path, you get a beautiful Shout-Out to Ben Drowned. Needless to say, if you didn't expect it, it's pretty shocking.

  • Beating the final level in Bencalypse mode gives you this image, it's just lovely.

  • Try beating the final level as Ben and then approaching Ben at the finish line. You get a similar image except now it says 'Ben can't free Ben.' And then the game crashes.

  • If you get to the highest point of the boxes in level ten, You can find a giant circle with the text "Go to BennnnnnnEd!". This is actually the link for a Facebook page full of creepy imagery and videos filled with hidden coordinates. it's a debate on what this is, but some are speculating that these are posts from a zombified Ben trying to get people to find him.

  • Foreshadowing: In the opening cutscene, there is a poster next to Hans reading: "Who betrays his best friend for a mediocre price." Even in the very beginning of the Steam Greenlight trailer for the game, Ed is seen eating a young human kid. He does the same to Ben at the end of the game with Ben having falsely believed Ed to be his best friend the whole time.

  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: If you pause the trailer for the game at 0:53 at just the right time, it says "OBEY HANS SHOWMASTER! BUY BEN AND ED!"

  • Game-Over Man: If Ed dies, the mug of Hans Showmaster pops up on the screen.

  • Human Cannonball: Sometimes there will be cannons dotted around a map for Ed to shoot himself out of.

  • Losing Your Head: If Ed's head gets cut off, he can still roll around and reattach himself to his torso (if available). If his head is destroyed, the player will need to respawn.

  • Monster Clown: A giant automaton version of this shows up as a boss.

  • Non Standard Game Over: As shown in this video, if you attempt to finish the final level as Ben, the game crashes, since it is impossible for Ben to eat himself.

  • Odd Friendship: Most definitely Ed and Ben, a zombified adult athlete and a traumatized, lonely little kid. Subverted when it turns out that the "Friendship" part is all in Ben's head.

  • Villain Protagonist: Ed is a flesh-eating zombie who can kill chickens on his obstacle run, only really qualifying as heroic because he's trying to rescue his young human friend, Ben. Then it turns out that even this isn't true; he sees the humans he can get his hands onto as nothing more than his next meal, including Ben.

  • Wham Episode: The final level. Ed was never Ben's friend as he thought he was.

  • Would Hurt a Child: Hans demonstrates no moral compunction about kidnapping and caging Ben and later Ed proves even less remorseful in eating Ben.

  • Post-End Game Content: Bencalypse mode, unlocked by beating the game. You play as a zombified Ben after the ending and make your way through the dark, abandoned courses left behind after Han's defeat. And anyone inside can be eaten by Ben with that same "Press E to Celebrate" text, The end of this alternate campaign has Ben escaping outside. You are also able to play the old courses from the main story as Ben afterward.

  • Plot Twist: Turns out, Ed was just like all other zombies and just saw Ben as another meal to tear apart and devour.

  • Shout-Out: In the final level on the road before "celebrating with" Ben, You can spot a palette swap of Ben in a bush near one of the houses. If you get close to it... Hans reappears to give you one last message: "BEN DROWNS". Cue Ed exploding in a fountain of blood and that taunting look on his face before you respawn.


Methods: This was a prospective targeted screening study based at the ED of an inner city teaching hospital. Non-acute subjects over 18 years were recruited consecutively from the "minors" section of the ED and invited to participate. All subjects had their blood pressure measured twice. A verbal numerical pain score (PS) out of 10 using a visual analogue scale was obtained. Those with a mean systolic blood pressure >140 mmHg or a mean diastolic blood pressure >90 mmHg (WHO JNC stage 1 hypertension) were invited for a subsequent follow up measurement. The primary outcome measure was the proportion of subjects with hypertension at follow up. The secondary outcome measure was the correlation between a subject's mid blood pressure (MBP) and their PS.

FACTI sunt filii mei perditi, quia invaluit inimicus: [folio 1a] that is to seie in Englisch thus: My sones ben maad lost for the enemye hath had the maistrie. Treno. ie c. Who that wole walke amonge the peple now lyving in Ynglond fer and neer, and*. [A correction on the margin.] wole attende, herkene, heere and se hou dyversely dyverse persoonys ben in her conceitis sette, he schal, amonge alle tho dyversitees, heere and knowe that manye of the lay peple whiche cleven and attenden over unreulili to the Bible, aȝens the discrecioun tauȝt in the first party of the Represser, and in the first and iie partys of The iust apprising Holy*. ['Ho' is erased in the MS.]Scripture, protesten and knowlechen that thei wolen not fecche and leerne her feith at the clergie of Goddis hool chirche in erthe; neither thei as for leernyng and kunnyng of her feith wolen obeie to the clergie Page 110 or to the chirche; but thei wolen fecche and leerne her feith at the Bible of Holy Scripture, in the maner as it schal happe hem to undirstonde it. And that, bicause thei seien hem knowe wel that the clergie may faile and erre as weel as [folio 1b] thei, teching the feith, namelich sithen, as thei seien, the clergie is not worthi be visited bi eny special inspiracioun or revelacioun fro God more than thei hem silf ben worthi, and that for the vices whiche thei seien hem se in the clergie. Hou perilose to the same lay persoonys this unobedience is, it is ful cleerli schewid in this present book, the viie, viiie, and ixe chapiters. For whiche so bireweable and wepeable perel whiche the clergie may se in the lay party, which ouȝte be sugget and obeie to the clergie, as it is in the now alleggid placis wel proved, the clergie bi compassioun therupon havyng may seie the wordis of Jeremye bifore written thus, My sones ben maad lost for the enemy hath had the maistrie. Certis the feend, which is enemye for to bigile alle cristen persoonys, as Petir witnessith,*. [A gap left in the MS. for the exact reference (I Pet. v. 8).] hath had the maistrie in his going aboute as a roring lyoun, and therfore and therbi my sones ben maad lost. And thus my sones ben maad lost for the enemye hath had the maistrie. [folio 2a] Page 111

And over this, it semeth to the lay persoonys that tho clerkis ben over favorable in mater longing to her favour and worschip, and ben not iugis indifferent, and stonding for the parti which hath the treuthe, whiche ever thilk party be. And for this semyng, the seid lay men han the lasse wille forto truste to the iugement of clerkis in alle othere maters. Certis, ech iust and indifferent iuge ouȝte seie and holde aȝens himsilf in trouthe, as wel as aȝens othere persoonys in trouthe, and as with him silf or othere persoonys in trouthe. And bicause that it semeth to the lay persoonys that clerkis, namelich holding as now is seid, holden not so [folio 3a] indifferentli in the mater longing to her honour and favour, therfore forto allegge the seid meene into eeris of the seid lay men, is not expedient into her conversioun. In so myche that tho clerkis mowe not oonly seie what is writun thus: In al the nyȝt we laboring han take no thing; but also ech of hem may seie what Poul rehersith, Rom. xe ch. in the eende thus: Al day y streiȝte out myn hond to a peple that bileeved not, but aȝen seiden me. Wherto therfore schulde the clergie leene oonly to thilke meene anentis lay men, whiche lay men wole not admitte. Bettir it were to seche aftir*. [Marginal correction for.] another Page 113 meene. Wherfore y, unworthiest and ȝongist and louȝest of prelatis, aspiyng this mischeef aȝens which y have not knowe eny remedie ȝitt hiderto theraȝens writen, and desiring forto wynne the lay children of the chirche into obedience, whiche, undir greet perel of her soulis, thei owen paie and holde to the clergie, entende and purpos in this present book forto mete aȝens such unobediencers bi an [folio 3b] other wey, and in another maner, and bi meene which the lay persoonys wole admitte and graunte; which meene is this, that we owen to bileeve and stonde to sum seier or techer which may faile, while it is not knowe that thilk seier or techer theryne failith. And so forto move and convicte hem into obedience, never the lasse and never the latter, to the clergie in leernyng her feith; thouȝ it were so that the clergie may erre and faile aȝens feith, and thouȝ the clergie myȝte solempnely determyne aȝens trewe feith; so that, by the grace of God, withynne processe of ȝeeris it schal be verified forto seie to the clergie what Ysaie propheciede, lx. c. thus: Thi sones schulen come to thee fro longe and thi douȝtris schulen rise aȝen to thee fro brood: that as Ysaie meened that the children of the Cristen chirche schulden come and rise aȝen fro lengthe and breed of cuntrees, so y hope bi processe of tyme, aftir that this and other bokis schulen be publischid, and be abrood multiplied to Page 114 tho persoonys, and after that bi word and speche [folio 4a] at dyverse leisers communicacioun schal be with tho persoonys had, it schal be trewe forto seie to the clergie of Goddis hole chirche, that fro lengthe and breed of erring, and of untrewe wyde wandring, thi sones and douȝtris schulen come to thee. Which thing He graunte that forto have the same thing doon, cam forto schede his preciose blood. Amen. 041b061a72


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