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Free Printable Tambola Housie Tickets PDF with 23 Numbers - Download Now

Housie cards from Tambola-Bingo supermarket has been consistently high praised by our loyal and beloved customer base, Thanks to its high quality, durable materials used in manufacturing and easy affordability compared to other brands. The same tickets and cards can be used for conducting Tambola, Bingo, and Housie games and the same tickets are designed in a way that it is compatible with all three games mentioned above.

housie tickets pdf free 23

Sometimes people ask what are tambola tricks or housie game tricks? As such there are no tricks for the game but players have to be fast in checking and striking out numbers on their respective ticket(s)/card(s).

People used to play tambola game with printed tickets only while being present physically. Now they have multiple options to play the game while present remotely using online portals/apps. They play while connected with text only, voice or video. Earlier it was limited to the people present physically and playing with them only. Now, it can be played with friends n family not present with host.

App playing means host has to arrange tickets as image or links (with some customisation and personalisation options). S/he shares them on messenger apps where players can draw same pattern of numbers on paper, print it or mark numbers on phone. Host then announces number on app, player claim on app only by texting pre-defined words like Wait, Stop, Claim etc. Manual checking of tickets is done by Host and announces winner on app.

Printed playing physically means purchasing tickets from market as printed pad/book or download a PDF and print at home/shop. PDFs are available free or at low costs which gives host option of designer ticket as well for classic tickets. As tambola is played multiple times, these PDFs can be printed as per need. These PDFs can be personalize with Host Name sometimes. Host has the option to take color prints which enhances the look and feel but would be costiler than black & white ones. With PDFs host can use better quality paper for printing as compared to what comes in cheap price tickets.

Online playing of tambola means game is conducted on a website. Host organizes a game online and don't require an app or physical tickets. Host creates a new play game, add players to game or share join link (as manual or auto approval). Players join the game and they can see their tickets. Host defines rules and dividends which players can see on their screen. Host announces a random number which almost instantly is shown on players' screen. No need of typing and sharing called numbers on app, though host can also do so in chat if required. Player strike numbers by tapping them and claim dividends by tapping the Dividend Name. Host gets notification of a claim and can't call next number till a claim is accepted or rejected or bogie. All, players get notification of dividend claim and action on dividend. Players can chat with each other, check which player has won how many prizes, how many numbers strike for a player. Host can also chat with players.

Create free tambola cards and tickets based on numbers, word/theme for your event, club, party. Create designer, colorful, classic cards. Cards are saved for sometime only and may not be available for later use. You can copy existing Saved Cards. Be creative and make your own tambola cards. Custom tambola cards can be created easily. Create and generate tambola cards in PDF format. Here, in tambola card maker it can be used to make tambola cards with the words of your choice.

Tambola (also known as Lotto or Housie), is a fun game that can be played in any kind of formal or informal gathering. The game consists of a board with numbers marked from 1 to 90, tambola tickets, and number balls/marbles (1-90).

Tambola game can be played in the following ways:1. Tambola Tickets are sold at a fixed price. Players can buy 1 or more tickets. Prize winning points are decided. Each prize winning point is associated with a prize money such that the amount collected from the sale of the tickets is consumed.2. The game can be played on the house, where the host provides the prizes that are given away to the winners. Number of winning points should match the number of prizes.

All the players will need 1 or more Tambola tickets to strike the called out numbers present in their tickets. You can print 40 unique tickets for tambola from here.Click image to download Tambola tickets

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