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Electrical Substation Videos

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Electrical substation videos

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Duke Energy said the incident, which happened at around 7:30 p.m., is a result of animal damage. Residents in the area captured photos and videos of fire and smoke at the electrical substation on the intersection of Beechmont Avenue and Markley Road.

Melanie Scheel described it as a "throbbing" explosion. Scheel owns Gloss Salon, which sits in the plaza directly next to the substation, and said she was working on a client's hair when the fire sparked.

Video monitoring solutions are playing an increasing role in addressing these issues and, although typically used for security, they have the versatility to be used for a wide range of applications including equipment monitoring, asset management, and substation automation. In each case improved operations through automatic detection of events and other valuable information, can be obtained by automatically analyzing the content of the captured video through analytic software algorithms.

Energy providers are looking to technology more and more to help deal with these as there is currently a lack of automation systems that actually monitor the condition of critical equipment at substations and elsewhere on the grid. The industry has its own set of unique challenges, however, when deploying technology-based solutions. These include: finding solutions that are highly reliable and can withstand harsh substation environments; the high cost of equipment serviceability; implementing adequate connectivity solutions; interoperability with existing systems; and complying with evolving regulatory requirements such as NERC critical infrastructure protection (CIP).

Video Monitoring SolutionsA typical video monitoring solution utilizes components such as cameras, video recorders, servers, networking equipment, storage devices, and auxiliary equipment. Figure 1 illustrates a typical architecture for electric utilities and highlights the distributed nature of the utility infrastructure. This dispersed infrastructure raises a problem for video streaming as many substations are located in remote areas with no personnel on site and many times with only a low bandwidth channel for communications.

Design Guidelines for Electric UtilitiesWhen solving issues or improving operations within a substation, it is imperative that the utility selects the right technology for the application. The following provides high level design guidelines to consider:

As most camera installations are in outdoor environments protecting the equipment is vital. Like other hardware components in the substation resistance to EMI, meeting substation design specifications, and the ability to operate reliably in a wide temperature range are required. Ingress Protection rating is also important with a minimum of IP66 (dust and water tight) recommended.

Software designed for industrial applications are generally more reliable since the critical nature of the application is taken into account during the design process. In particular, the available video analytic functions should be designed to work in outdoor and uncontrolled environments that are the norm for substation applications. In addition to automatic identification of events for physical security, video analytics algorithms for utility substation automation functions should also be available.

ConclusionVideo monitoring systems have the versatility to be used for a wide range of applications within electrical substations, power plants, and other critical infrastructure. Although typically used for security, this paper has shown that video can be used in new and innovative ways for equipment monitoring, asset management, and process control. By using video effectively, improved operations and valuable information can be obtained by automatically analyzing the content of the video. This will ultimately have the effect of optimizing utility operations, while reducing downtime and costs.

Given that substations are the most remote points of any grid (smart or otherwise), the real question that the utility should consider is not whether to implement a video monitoring system, but rather what is the most that can be obtained from it.

John McClean, AAS - Electrical Engineering, is the Vice President of Operations at PowerStream. He manages and oversees all aspects of system operations ranging from maintenance of network substation assets and communications, to the ongoing operation of a 2,000 MW distribution network. John is also an active participant and distributor representative with the Ontario system operator in formulating emergency preparedness strategies, and participates in the design and execution of municipal and regional emergency exercises providing input, perspectives, and capabilities of the electricity sector.

Attempting to identify who apparently sabotaged multiple power stations in western Washington on Christmas Day causing a widespread electrical outage, investigators are asking residents who live near the targeted facilities to review their security camera footage and report any suspicious activity.

The search continued Wednesday for the perpetrator or perpetrators who damaged four power substations in Pierce County, setting fire to at least one and knocking out power to more than 14,000 utility customers, authorities said.

The substation attacks unfolded Sunday between 2:39 a.m. and 7:21 p.m. local time, authorities said. In all four episodes, the saboteurs broke into the fenced-off power stations and deliberately damaged equipment, according to the sheriff's office.

Officials initially said three power stations were vandalized, but later said a fourth substation was damaged in a deliberately caused fire near the city of Graham, cutting power to homes in Kapowsin and Graham.

\"The suspect(s) gained access to the fenced area and vandalized the equipment which caused the fire,\" the sheriff's office said in a statement. \"All law enforcement agencies in the county have been notified of the incidents and will be monitoring power substations in their area.\"

Earlier this month, two electrical substations were shot up in North Carolina, causing tens of thousands of customers to lose power and prompting local officials to declare a state of emergency. No one was arrested in the attacks.

On 9 December 2020, a local councillor from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, which includes Kariega, posted the original video. Another councillor posted photos of the substation, showing further details of the vandalism, including where part of a brick wall had been bashed down.


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