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Buy Putting Green

Add some fun to your backyard with an artificial turf putting green. We offer a variety of high performance putting green turf, chipping and driving mats, as well as golf accessories. Shave a few strokes off your next round and practice like a pro with a backyard putting green from Purchase Green, your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.

buy putting green

Purchase Green's Premier Emerald Putting Greens is one of the top performing putting greens on the market! This .63" synthetic putting green with 53 oz. facewieght is an emerald and lime bi-color. This artificial putting green grass product provides a natural look with superior performance. You get the performance of nylon with the durability, color resistance, and price of polyethylene. Our putting greens are designed for golfers of all stages who want their golf putting greens to perform like the real thing! There is no putting green like the Premier Emerald Putting Green on the market today. Premier Emerald Putting Green is the best artificial grass for putting greens.

All orders of 5,000 or more sq ft of putting green artificial grass products include FREE SHIPPING!* (Customer/contractor is responsible for providing man-power/equipment to off-load putting green turf rolls at delivery point.)

When you're looking for where to buy artificial grass and buy putting green turf such as our Premier Emerald Putting Greens, Purchase Green is your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.

When it comes to practice mats and indoor putting greens, there are tons of options out there. Each has a different surface, style, holes, and practice aids built in.We reviewed some of the most popular ones out there and based our comparison on brand, reviews, design, quality, and price.

There is a huge difference among these putting greens so we included some cheap and convenient ones as well as the more expensive ones. Find out which one works best for you so you can work on the flat stick at your home or office.

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is one of the best putting mats that also features the automatic return when you hole out putts. Backed by a strong name in the golf business, SKLZ created a solid product to help with your short game.

To get the most of your putting green, I suggest the standard or XL size as it comes with a second, mini sized hole. This will help you focus on a smaller target and should make it easier to pour putts in on the course.

Any or all of these putting aids, paired with a new putting green will make you unstoppable on the greens. Plus, all of these devices are easy to transport and take to a real putting green as well. Remember, practice with purpose to make each session much more effective!

Arguably the most important factor when choosing is the total size. Some of these putting greens are very small and compact which are great for small spaces like an apartment or office. While others are much larger and could take up half of your man cave or a large covered patio outdoors.

Plus, the putting surfaces/turf surface are often very different too. Golf mats are more like carpet while the indoor putting green is more high quality and closer to a real green (that lives in your home).

One of the best sounds for a player is hearing the ball hit the bottom of the cup. But unfortunately, not a lot of putting mats have actual holes. Instead, they just have a circle that is the size of normal regulation cups.

This is where putting greens come in. While golf simulators allow you to analyze your shot data and hit your irons and woods indoors, indoor putting greens allow you to practice your putting (and often chipping as well) rain or shine, day or night.

Of course, not everyone can afford top-of-the-line putting green complexes that cost four or even five figures. Fortunately, many very affordable solutions have appeared on the market, so there are options that can accommodate a range of budgets.

On top of that, the PrimePutt has a stellar average rating of 4.9/5 (100% recommended). During our test of this green we noted how true it rolls, how easy it is to set up (just unroll and insert the cups), and how well-made each component is.

Camry Golf turf has been used by PGA Tour pros including Webb Simpson, Kyle Stanley, and Ben Crane. It does a really impressive job emulating Tour-level greens, running at 11 on the stimpmeter and rolling true in every direction.

Keep in mind that depending on your DIY skills, it might be difficult to achieve all the bells and whistles of a pre-built putting green such as a rubber-backed base and tall backstop, but it can certainly be done.

Big Moss uses what they call True Roll technology in their greens. This ensures realistic putting and chipping situations that allow you to take your practice to the golf course in the most effective way.

Designed for both practice and entertainment, this interactive putting green uses green-reading technology, a projector, and a ball-tracking camera to display various putting lines and visual putting aides on the green surface in real time.

The PuttView company is based out of Germany, and their team is super knowledgeable about golf. Their revolutionary, augmented-reality putting greens are useful not just for recreational golfers, but also professionals and coaches.

The basic idea of how the PuttView P7 works is that through an integrated touchscreen or tablet, you can select the point where you want to putt and the hole you want to putt to. Then, the system will generate the putting line based on the contours of the green (up to 3% slope) and project it onto the turf.

This experience is highly customizable through the included touchscreen device. For example, you can choose to display putting corridors, adjust the line based on the power of the putt, or change the brightness, colour or thickness of the line.

In our experience, the String Drill works very well as one of the best drills for beginners and intermediate players to improve their putting. The putting surface is portable and setup is quick and easy.

You need to measure the width and length of your space and compare it to the dimensions of every putting green you look at. In general, you should be able to accommodate at least 10 feet of length and 6-8 feet of width for a putting green.

What is the quality of the roll, and how well does it emulate a green that you would find on a real golf course? Obviously, the more realistic the putting green, the better it is for improving your game.

When it comes to durability, consider things like whether or not the putting mat has a solid base that is thick enough to stay in good condition long-term, as well as how well the turf material resists wear.

A good way to gauge the quality & durability of a putting green, aside from reading customer reviews, is to compare the price with the size. Expensive greens that have less surface area are likely to have premium-quality surfaces.

Larger putting greens will obviously be more difficult to move. But if you want to move your putting green to a different location in the same room or to another room in your house, dragging or sliding it may be sufficient.

Other putting greens are paired with a full hitting mat that enables you to hit any club in the bag. With something like the Fiberbuilt Combo Mat & Putting Green, you can set up a launch monitor like the SkyTrak or GCQuad, and add a net/screen or enclosure to create a full golf simulator setup.

Not everyone can afford putting greens that cost four figures, much less five. Fortunately, there are options that cost well below this amount. Golfers with large budgets have some excellent options as well.

Many putting greens can be used for chipping, but if you want to hit irons or woods as well, we recommend pairing it with a quality golf simulator system. To that end, we have many buying guides you can take a look at.

Tour Greens Outdoor Putting Greens are designed for putting and chipping practice, simulating the look, feel and performance of real bent grass greens. Outdoor Putting Green systems can be designed with customized green speeds, breaks and undulations, as well as different cuts of fringe and rough to create the ideal putting green for your practice needs.

Each putting surface is designed to look and feel like a healthy, well-maintained bent grass green. Balls roll true and consistent throughout the green, and well struck chip shots will check up. The putting surface can also be customized to match your preferred speed, whether you want to match your home course or the lightning fast greens played on the Tour.

This outdoor/indoor turf option is grain neutral and rolls as true as possible using the turf material. We wanted to offer the very best solution for use outdoors and indoors in high-traffic situations that need a more durable alternative to our standard indoor putting greens. If you need an awesome and durable putting surface that can be used indoors, or outdoors in the elements, this is the right option for you!

Artificial grass melting point is 180 degrees. Reflective surfaces like windows and steel cookware, can create a temperature that artificial grass cannot withstand. If you have windows that are at risk of reflecting onto the putting green, it is advised to cover the green when not in use, or roll the green up when not in use, to prevent the turf from melting due to the extreme reflective heat. Be aware that melting prevention is the buyer's responsibility.

Putting Green Grass Seed - Grow your own private putting green, tee box or golf course from seed! Helpful information on seed variety selection, adaption, planting and maintenance of your personal putting green, driving range, tee box or golf course please view our products listed below.

This is a very versatile product that can be used for numerous applications. It is an excellent putting surface that provides a very realistic roll with natural speed. This product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete or a compacted aggregate base. 041b061a72


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