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Government-appointed persons to accompany foreign visitors are often termed minders, assigned to offer assistance such as acting as a guide or as a translator, or protection in dangerous areas, or to define areas of permitted travel. Often they are perceived as also attempting to censor or otherwise control the flow of information to the visitor.[1][2] Government appointed minders are used in North Korea.[3]


Before I get started, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all. In my first launch, I sold out completely in less than 48 hours (this is insane to me and I still cannot believe it). I ordered 100 minders thinking I would maybe sell them all in 2 years...but definitely not 2 days. We're hoping to always have them in stock, but if you ever see this blog and they're not in stock, please sign up for my mailing list to be notified when they are restocked!

When your belts are wrapped around the harness bar, they have a tendency to slide all over. PRP belt minders keep both shoulder belts together on the bar. It stops them from sliding apart, and provides better safety in case of an accident. The belt minder should be located behind the back of the seat (in-between the seat and the harness bar).

Needle minders are the perfect solution to never misplacing your needle again! They are a cross stitching accessory that you never knew you needed until you tried one. Then they become an accessory you cannot live without.

Making my own needle minders has become somewhat addictive. You can make needle minders from almost anything you can find. My favorite types are the ones made from fabric buttons and the ones made from enamel pins.

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Journalists tend to view minders with suspicion, if not outright alarm. A third party can alter any interaction in unforeseen ways. One White House reporter notes with irritation that minders have sometimes cut off contentious questioning or otherwise interrupted the flow of conversation. 350c69d7ab


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