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Angel Morrison

Seren Deep - Flirt With Us

I understand that in some mysterious way, she already knew in her bones. Her body still remembered, infused with the cellular soul-memories of those past events.Maybe she was asking my body too, which also remembered, deep, deep down.

Seren Deep - Flirt With Us

"Lure the target deep into your seduction by creating the proper temptation: a glimpse of the pleasures to come. As the serpent tempted Eve with the promise of forbidden knowledge, you must awaken a desire in your targets that they cannot control. Find that weakness of theirs, that fantasy that has yet to be realized, and hint that you can lead them toward it. The key is to keep it vague. Stimulate a curiosity stronger than the doubts and anxieties that go with it, and they will follow you."

During the siege, Serena can be visited at Ember's Taphouse on Khor'minos' main avenue. Like most Minoan cowgirls, she's very friendly. She's also happy to share stories on any number of subjects. If the Champion visits her a few times, she asks them and their companions to drop by the Khor'minos lyceum to say hi to her students and spend a little time with them; near the end of this visit, the Champion has the opportunity to flirt with her. Serena is only interested in sex with Champions whom she knows well.

On Champ's third visit, Serena will have another special interaction where she asks Champ if they're willing to visit her class in the Khor'minos lyceum. Doing this and flirting with her afterward unlocks her sex menu.

While working with the students, the Champion learns a little about them and exchanges stories for about an hour. After that, Champ and the crew get fed, and the companions spend some time chatting with the students. At this time, Champ can chat with Serena and end the event by either being platonically friendly with her or by flirting with her. Afterwards, Champ and the party leave the school, briefly reminisce about the visit, and continue with their journey.

Subsequent visits to Serena at Ember's are even friendlier than they were before, and if the Champion took the opportunity to flirt with Serena, she offers to bring them up to her room to enjoy intimate time together.

If you want to flirt a little with more fall-toned hues (see what we did there?), this lipcolor is the way to go! It would pair perfectly with the neautrals and earth-tones that are dominating fall fashion.

Sharon Carter was assigned by Nick Fury to protect and monitor Steve Rogers in his home apartment and was given the apartment opposite to his, acting as a nurse going by the name Kate. She would report back to Fury to ensure that Rogers was not a threat to S.H.I.E.L.D. and could be trusted. Over her tenure as his protector, Carter became well acquainted with Rogers, and would talk to him whenever they met, often flirting with Rogers in order to gain his trust.

Serendine shook her head, trying to erase the image of him flirting with others from her mind. It just fueled her anger, and there's no need for that. She couldn't have herself falling for him, dammit.

  • Zu Zu, "The Occultist"Voiced by: Charlotte MoreThe former Occultist for Quin, Zu Zu blocked an assassination attempt on her mistress's life. After that, she sacrificed an entire pod of whales to learn how to gain immortality for Quin. Instead, she gained it for herself. Fearful at what might happen if Quin becomes immortal, Zu Zu flees to the West, and meets the player. All of the Other Reindeer: Because of her tremendous powers, the soothsayers rejected her at a young age, leading Zu Zu to join Quin.

  • Complete Immortality: She can't be killed or hurt by any means.

  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: Part of Zu Zu's curse, she spends most of her story trying to remove her power.

  • No-Sell: How she kills Quin. Zu Zu walks through the death traps at Paradise without fear since she can't die.

  • Oh, Crap!: Had this reaction in her backstory after successfully making herself immortal- she believes that nobody should have the power of immortality since it'd be impossible to stop them, especially if it was a tyrant like Quin.

  • Smug Super: Frequently talks down ordinary people, such as the "filthy, unimaginative peasants" of Gundong.

  • The Vamp: When she worked for Quin, she received everything she needed, including "oiled man-slaves". In the port, she flirts a little with Hubbub and shows an interest in Tomlin. When asked what she is going to do when everything is over, she mentions an interest in eligible bachelors. She even flirts a little bit with the Player Character, regardless of The Adventurer's gender. The Adventurer tells The Memory that Zu Zu probably wouldn't be a good role model.

  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Zu Zu's story. She changes her mind once everyone who's trying to kill or abduct her is dead.

  • TzHaar and TokHaarThe TzHaar live in the Karamja volcano, where their society is built on a sort of caste system, including craftsmen, leaders, soldiers, and hunters. And a playwright. During a quest, the player travels deep underground and encounters the TokHaar, the ancestors of the TzHaar and a direct creation of the Elder Gods. Amplifier Artifact: The TokHaar, and the Kiln they come from, are a tool of creation used by the Elder Goddess Ful.

  • Blank Slate: Inverted and played straight. TzHaar are born with their memories and knowledge of how to fill their role. Recently, TzHaar eggs haven't been hatching properly, resulting in Ga'al - physically small TzHaar with no knowledge at all. Unlike TzHaar, though, Ga'al are capable of learning at a very fast rate, including outside knowledge of the outside world. Turns out this began happening when the TokHaar cut off the sacred lava which gave the TzHaar their memories in an attempt to force the TzHaar to return to the Elder Kiln.

  • Living Currency: They forge the bodies of their dead into obsidian coins, which are holy to them. They abandon the practice when they learn the Awful Truth that this treatment leaves the dead aware and in torment.

  • Hive Caste System: TzHaar and TokHaar are divided into four castes that are physically different from each other. Ket are the guards, Xil are the hunters, Mej are the mages and seem to be the ruling class of the TzHaar, and Hur are the craftsmen. The TokHaar are ruled by a unique individual called TokHaar-Hok. The Ga'al are a defective form of TzHaar who originally were killed at birth but later gained acceptance as a new class.

  • Magma Man: They are made of living volcanic rock. The TzHaar are patially molten and glow orange.

  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: They seem to have this going on. The TzHaar have a number of gladiatorial events which emphasize fighting and dying with honor. Exaggerated by the TokHaar; as long as they stay in the Kiln, they literally cannot die, and have amused themselves for centuries with combat, although they will often wait until you accept their challenge before attacking. It seems that old habits die hard, as the TzekHaar (and Shrimpy) stand by as spectators when TzKal-Zuk decides to fight you personally.



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