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Alumni Pros Global Sports

Alumni Pros Launches to Help Athletes Leverage, Monetize Intellectual Property

HENDERSON, Nev. /PRNewswire/

January 11, 2021

An athlete's value accrues from the moment they begin playing a sport, and "Player Intellectual Property" (PIP) drives a significant portion of their revenue potential in the larger marketplace. To ensure fair and reasonable monetary compensation based on name, image and likeness, Alumni Pros Global Sports ("Alumni Pros") was launched to help athletes leverage their intellectual property values in the global sports economy.

Founded by global NBA ambassador, Jerome JYD Williams, and impact investor, Robert Smith, Alumni Pros partners with current and former youth, college, and professional athletes to teach them how to control their PIP for monetization in the global market space such as endorsements, trading cards, video games, and event appearances. The company has appointed serial entrepreneur Nikkollette Williams as CEO, NBA legend, Doug Lee as CMO, and Super Bowl XL winner, Ulish Booker, as Managing Director. Alumni Pros currently has partnerships to leverage 1.5 million athletes seeking sports scholarships through BeTheBeast, 300 million followers of athletes and 120 million viewers searching for athlete-produced content via PlayersTV.

"Few athletes will go on to play professionally and even fewer will have long professional careers, yet they are dedicating their lives to the sport, sacrificing their physical and mental health all while schools and brands profit," said Jerome Williams, Founder of Alumni Pros. "The sports industry has long exploited young athletes - many of whom come from underprivileged communities and see sports as a way to escape. By providing proper compensation, we can ensure that these athletes can give back to their communities, unlocking more wealth and breaking the cycle of poverty."

While Alumni Pros represents athletes at all levels, it is largely focused on identifying untapped potential in youth athletes as they prepare to head to the NCAA. Alumni Pros is currently working with colleges, high school players, and youth that have been accepted into the NCAA and, in some cases, have been introduced to the schools' branding/IP coach.

"In order to avoid unlicensed and devalued use of their likeness, young athletes and their families need to be equipped with the right information, briefed on expectations, and made aware of new NCAA rulings that impact their PIP score," said Williams.

In addition to representing individuals, Alumni Pros fosters an environment for mentorship and open dialogue among athletes at all levels and across all sports. Within the network,  various monetizing mechanisms that are similar to a pension. Every year, Alumni Pros totals its revenue and disperses checks to athletes in their hub and spoke.

"Alumni Pros is a long overdue alternative to the traditional sports representation model," said Doug Lee, Managing Director of Alumni Pros. "Our team is passionate about educating the athletes and parents as well by coming alongside them to better manage and grow their PIP. As retired athletes and current business owners, it is our desire to help future players retain ownership and control of their brands to maximize future profitability."

For more information on Alumni Pros, please visit

Alumni Pros partners with former and current NBA, NCAA, and youth basketball players to strengthen their personal intellectual property values in the global sports economy. Through the association, athletes can leverage and control their name and likeness for merchandise, trading cards, video games, and event appearances, benefitting both the individual player and the sport overall. Through its strategic partnerships, Alumni Pro's currently has more than 1 million members. Based in Henderson, Nev., the association was founded by retired NBA power forward Jerome Williams, and accomplished investor and fund manager Robert Smith. To learn more, visit

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