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This interactive activation by the Stussy team came in the form of a miniature version of the chest piece worn by the brand's founder Jean Mikae. Customers were able to open a door in the digital design to receive a key -- the key is then used to unlock the door of a real Stussy & Co store, to uncover a limited edition of the item being tested. It's hard to argue with a useful product -- and with many individuals creating their own digital designs, this activation could become a consistent yearly offering for the brand.

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An international airline based in United Arab Emirates started this brand activation in partnership with a mobile game publishing company. They sent out an email to users with an activation code, which unlocked a campaign to be sent straight to your phone. The campaign had a URL landing page, which engaged users in creating their own funny, witty content to be shared with all of their friends. The aim of the message was to get users to connect, form a community with content creators, and share their travel experiences over social media.

Terragen's brand activation consisted of four works in one. First, the airbrushing artist, Dan Finkle, painted the green curtain into a surreal landscape, allowing passersby to peek at the secret location. Second, the playwright Ian Tananbaum placed shoes at various points throughout the artwork in order to comment on the theme of the show. Third, the artist created a soundtrack in anticipation of the beginning of the show. Finally, a dress rehearsal took place before the curtain opened to the general public, giving the audience insight into the theme and the characters. The dress rehearsal was also the chance to assess the audience's reaction.


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