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Sparkol VideoScribe PRO - 1.3.26

If you use Version2, just save the file with a new name (If you have Version1 use the "save as a NEW copy and close" option) and then restart videoscribe, and open the new scribe. This process MAY provide a TEMPORARY workaround and allow you to render a scribe or continue editing your work even if there are still other problems (listed below) that should probably be addressed. I only listed this tip first because it may be the easiest thing to try. Rebooting may also free up some memory and allow problematic scribes to render successfully.

Sparkol VideoScribe PRO - 1.3.26

Download File:

Other problems mentioned below may result in one or more damaged or faulty element while working or saving. If you have one or more problematic elements in your scribe, they can cause a crash or prevent the scribe from rendering or saving properly. If a scribe or element actually becomes corrupt, and you cannot open or render a scribe, you may be able to identify and remove the damaged element(s) by exporting and then importing the scribe. If you have version 1, close the scribe, right-click the thumbnail image in the locally saved scribes directory and choose "export to file". Then import it back into videoscribe which will force the program to check for errors.

The SVGs that work best in videoscribe can usually be less than 100KB and contain only stroked paths and/or filled paths. Larger SVGs may contain excessive numbers of anchor points or problematic data like masking or clipping paths, which can contribute to freezes or crashes. Delete hidden layers from your SVGs. (hidden layers increase file size. larger file sizes require more memory to process.) Also there are are some youtube tutorials that mention leaving embedded JPGs or PNGs or other images in your SVG files, but you should probably optimize such images first if you are going to embed them. Larger files may cause excessive memory use resulting in slowdowns, freezes or crashes.

12) If your video rendering repeatedly freezes at the same part, and you've already tried restarting videoscribe and optimizing your images and making your camera settings moderate, I'd suggest deleting that image and maybe the image after it, and then importing them back in.

13) THIS HAS BEEN FIXED:in version 2.0it has been noted that morphing with an animate time of zero will cause videoscribe to freeze. change animation type from Morph to Draw. I think that problem has been resolved inversions 2.0.2and newer.

1) If you import a voiceover or music soundtrack, your sound file must be mp3 format.2) for the error "There was a problem accessing the MP3 file at the URL you specified.", make sure your file extension is lowercase(".mp3") instead of uppercase (".MP3") which may cause an error. You may also want to make the filename all letters and/or numbers if it contains any unusual characters.3) if your voiceover repeats because the video lasts longer than the voiceover, then edit the voiceover in a program like audacity and add more seconds of silence at the end.4) If you import an MP3 file but you hear no sound in videoscribe or in your rendered video, You may have a stereo audio file that only has sound in the left or right channel. If your audio file is a mono file saved as a stereo file (only the left or right channel has sound) it may not work at all (I'm not sure if this applies only to voiceovers or to music as well). If so you can resave your stereo mp3 in mono and it may work.

5) If your music or voiceover seems to be skipping, repeating, stopping prematurely, or otherwise not working properly, make sure that you select the "loop music" option for the music soundtrack (on the music selection menu)." If you do not currently have a music track, you can try selecting a music track, looping it and setting the volume to zero.6) If you are using version 1.3.30, 1.3.31 or 1.3.32 of videoscribe, you may be experiencing one of several bugs which can be resolved by uninstalling the newer version of videoscribe and installing version 1.3.26 (or 2.0, or whatever version is currently on the versions page) 7) if you hear no sound, there is always a small chance that you have your volume muted on youtube or in your video player, or your speakers are off or the speaker volume is low.8) if your video is quicktime MOV then make sure you are using the current (or at least, a recent version of) quicktime player to play it back. If you have more than one player installed, you may want to try another video player.9) Make sure you add your soundtrack using the soundtrack icon (looks like musical notes) and add your voiceover using the voiceover icon (looks like a microphone). 10) If the sound plays in preview mode but not in your rendered video, try using "save as a NEW COPY and close" (the save icon with two diskettes) to rename your scribe and save it as a new copy with a different name. Then open it and render it again to see if that solves the problem. That process can resolve a variety of rendering problems sometimes.

12) if you saved a scribe online from one computer and then opened it on a DIFFERENT computer or device and the audio seems to be missing, that is a known bug. Download the scribe from your online-scribes page on the videoscribe website and save it to your computer as a .scribe file. Then import it manually (instead of opening the online file).


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