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Chicago Car Accident Attorney

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates is the leading motor vehicle accident law firm in Chicago. Our personal injury trial lawyers represent the injured in car accident cases resulting in serious injury. To us, any injury requiring medical treatment is serious. Our Chicago car accident lawyers have an extensive record of successful settlements and verdicts.

chicago car accident attorney

When choosing a Chicago car accident attorney, your decision is important. It is vital that you evaluate the experience and success rate of the lawyer or law firm. As trial lawyers, our approach to a motor vehicle accident case is comprehensive. We treat our cases as if they are going to trial.

There are many law firms that act on behalf of the injured in auto accident cases. Every law firm varies in its approach, and some are more effective and maximizing compensation than others. Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates has over three decades of trial experience in Illinois courtrooms. Our rear-end accident attorneys understand what it takes to prove negligence and reach the best settlements possible for our clients.

Some of the points that make Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates the best choice of car accident law firm include our extensive trial experience. We have achieved what was the highest personal injury verdict in Illinois history, along with record verdicts in:

All aspects of the accident must be evaluated, including the accident scene, the condition of the vehicles, along with interviewing eyewitnesses. An evaluation of the long-term impact of the injuries in financial terms is necessary for determining the damages to pursue. The need to take immediate legal action cannot be overstated. We urge to you connect with our firm without delay, so our Chicago car accident attorneys can get to work.

The optimal time to retain the services of our legal team is directly after the accident, but this is not always possible. A seriously injured person may spend weeks in the hospital, possibly unconscious, in pain, or undergoing treatment. This is the time for the close family to step in and connect with our Chicago auto accident lawyers.

We protect the interests of the people we represent at every phase of the process. Our experienced Chicago auto accident lawyers are committed to pursuing the maximum damages in negotiations or at trial. Whether a driver, company, or defective auto part was responsible for your crash, we can help assign liability. Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates will work hard to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

As trial lawyers, we have extensive experience in case development and presentation. Our record of achieving high-value settlements and jury awards has led to our reputation as the leading car accident lawyers in Chicago.

The value of your car accident injury claim hinges on the total amount of your damages. However, the amount you receive may not be exactly how much the accident cost you, for better or worse.

To calculate how much your car accident injury claim is worth, start by assessing your total economic damages resulting from the incident. Economic damages are generally the easiest to prove in any motor vehicle accident injury claim. Retain copies of all:

If a negligent defendant caused a car accident with your vehicle and is responsible for your injuries, the defendant is liable for any and all medical treatment you require. Your medical expenses can include hospital bills, ambulance fees, and all other expenses related to your medical care, but only those resulting from the injuries from your accident.

An auto accident may cause a severe injury that prevents you from working and driving for an extended time. You may develop permanent damage that prevents you from working in the future. You may secure compensation for lost future earning capacity if your injuries prevent you from resuming work or working at all after your injury.

An experienced Chicago auto accident attorney can help you gather the materials necessary for proving the extent of your economic damages (i.e. medical bills), but you could be eligible for further compensation.

It may be difficult to consider the legal implications of a car crash, particularly if you suffered serious or life-threatening injuries. In Illinois, the statute of limitations restricts the timeframe under which a lawsuit can be filed. You have two years from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit.

With 858 total traffic crashes occurring per day, 10 people injured, and three killed per day, car accidents occur at a staggering rate in Illinois. A large majority of car accidents occur in urban areas. The breakdown of types of accidents are as follows:

There are many other types, but these are the most common accidents in which a driver or passenger is seriously or fatally injured. Cook County the largest percentage of car accidents in the state, with 155,935 car accidents, 221 fatal crashes, and 29,414 fatal crashes in the most recently reported year.

After being a victim in a car collision, you have rights. We urge you to contact the experienced team of Chicago car accident lawyers at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates today. Call us today to schedule a free case consultation.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers occupy the roads of Chicago and Cook County every day. That puts everyone who drives at increased risk of getting into an accident as they head from one destination to the next. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the total number of crashes in Cook County in 2019 was 159,471 for an average of 430 accidents daily.

Cook County covers a large geographical area and an average of 430 accidents a day represents a relatively small percentage of the total vehicles on the road. However, only looking at the odds of an accident occurring overlooks the actual severity of the problem.

Speeding is another common cause of accidents in Chicago because the average speed limit is 30 mph throughout the city. The fact is, drivers regularly ignore the posted speed limit, and drivers who speed in areas with multiple stop signs and lights put themselves at risk of an accident by not stopping on time.

Drunk driving is another frequent cause of accidents, even though Chicago is rich in public transportation options. The laws for drunk driving in Illinois are harsh, yet some people still decide to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence instead of calling a cab.

Determining who bears responsibility in an accident is the first step towards recovering damages. The law assigns blame on a 0-100% scale, and the actual percentage placed on the drivers involved in the accident depends on the evidence collected afterward. Evidence helps your lawyer determine the amount of fault assigned to the negligent driver and ensure proper compensation.

Multiple sources can provide accident evidence, including the police report. A police officer called to the accident scene will look over the scene and write an accident report based on their observations. They may also take pictures of the scene to support their report and issue a citation to the offending driver if warranted. These photos of the accident scene can also help show the cause of the accident.

Yes, it is still possible to collect compensation if you were partly at fault. Illinois uses a modified comparative negligence standard to recover damages after an accident, which affects how much compensation you can seek.

Comparative negligence assigns a percentage of blame to each driver in a car accident. For example, one driver speeds through a red light and gets hit by another car proceeding normally through their green light. Depending on the circumstances, the driver who ignored the red light may bear 100% of the blame, with the other driver receiving no blame at all.

Economic damages cover financial losses you experienced after the accident. That includes wages, the value of your car, medical bills, and any other income that you would otherwise earn had you not gotten into the accident.

Non-economic damages do not have an assignable value like lost wages or medical bills. However, you can still ask to be compensated for these damages because the accident has affected your ability to live the life you had before the accident.

Illinois law allows a plaintiff to ask for punitive damages in certain cases where the offender acted with extreme carelessness or recklessness. You might be able to ask for punitive damages if the driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

An attorney ensures that you will receive maximum compensation for your case. The personal injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti have 200+ years of combined experience and are nationally recognized for their success. We never settle for less than fair compensation and are not afraid to take cases to trial. We have successfully recovered more than a billion dollars in settlements and verdicts, including a number of record results. Some of our successful vehicle accident cases include:

Our state has registered 11.5 million registered motor vehicles and licensed about 9.2 million drivers, most of them in the Chicago area. Our Chicago car accident lawyers know that with so many drivers, collisions will happen here. In fact, the state logs over 300,000 car collisions each year.

Whether your accident happens on I-80 or a residential street, you can suffer serious injuries and losses. Trust a dedicated Chicago car accident lawyer at Abels & Annes, P.C., to handle your Chicago car accident claim.

You may require long-term care, such as costly home care from a professional caregiver or therapist. Further, you may require expensive medical equipment. Finally, you may even suffer a permanent disability. For example, if the accident causes traumatic brain injury or a debilitating spine injury.

Consequently, even car accidents with injuries that you can fully recover from can be financially devastating. And not just to you but to family members and others that may rely upon your financial support. 041b061a72


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