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I honestly can say I did not expect such a huge response. But I was so happy to touch upon a subject that clearly needed to be talked about. I sure hope I helped some parents and teens with this difficult conversation. Given the high level of interest in this, I thought it was worthy of sharing with Briefly Speaking readers. Below is my original post and a Top 10 list from the interesting feedback I received from teens and parents.

Your daughter may be frustrated by not landing a great boyfriend overnight, so she may tend to overlook the boys in her backyard. Way too tame, she may think. But she may be treading on thin ice when she branches out daringly and looks to meet some brand-new boys in questionable arenas. Make sure that she does not:

Your daughter can tell if she has found a good and suitable boyfriend if she wants to introduce him to her family, if he understands her need for privacy, if he is thoughtful and respectful to his parents and teachers, and if she feels as if she can talk to him about things that matter to her. In short, she wants to choose a boy who is worthy of her attention, and not waste her precious time on the frogs; that is, the boys who eventually might turn out to be good boyfriend material but are not in their present shape. Don't worry, though. There are many successful boys your daughter can meet in her everyday life. Some stand out immediately, and others need a closer look. Some good qualities your daughter can look for in a boy could include:

Sometimes the most innocent boy-girl outings can cross the line. Do not let your daughter and her friends have a boy-girl slumber party at your house. Even though your girl may stay in her sleeping bag by herself, another girl and boy may not be as strong, and you do not want to allow them to act on their feelings for each other at your house.

In high school, some girls manage to find good "boy buds" not only as their study buddies, but also for the years to come, as male confidants. To them, their male friends are like beloved brothers, only a family or a house removed. Male friends can often tell your daughter the truth better than her girlfriends and her boyfriend would, because there are no strings attached. Besides, they may get your girl into more outdoorsy activities and help build her confidence even more. Therefore, welcome your daughter's boy friends, as well as her boyfriends.

Condoms are the best way to prevent pregnancy and STDs, so be sure to use a condom every time you have sex (including oral or anal sex). Like most things in life, though, condoms aren't 100% guaranteed. That's why you need to talk to your boyfriend about your concerns before you have sex.

Your boyfriend has been honest about his past sexual partners, and that's a sign he'll be open to talking about STDs. Try to work up the courage to talk. You can start by asking your boyfriend if he's ever worried about STDs and if he's been tested.

If you're looking to spice up your relationship, experimenting with different ways of turning your boyfriend on can be a fun and effective way to do it. Keep in mind that not every guy is the same. You may need to try a variety of methods to see which ones your boyfriend likes the best.

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. - A woman and her boyfriend were arrested in connection to a Casa Grande child sex trafficking operation, the police department announced on Tuesday, Sept. 14, saying she was trafficking a 13-year-old teenager.

As long as your teen is not in imminent danger, it's often best to keep your feelings to yourself and allow your teen the space and support to figure it out. Plus, acknowledge to yourself that your teen may know better about what type of person or romance is right for them than you do.

There are many pleasurable experiences and sensations in life and some are meant to be experienced at different times than others. A teen might be thrilled to begin driving. Their parents might even let them try driving in some remote location. This does not mean they should begin driving at this point in their life.

Teenagers need connection. Young children often crave physical touch and parents love to give it. As they grow up, it tends to become less and less. Teenagers may be pulling away from parents and clinging to peers. There may be a great deal of love in your home, but sometimes teenagers cannot receive it. There may be a great deal of stress in your home, which crowds out the feeling of love.

Despite the current day philosophy that so many have adopted, children and teenagers cannot be left to decide every important thing on their own, without the sound guidance from a trusted adult. Seeds will be sown in the hearts and mind of our youth. If we leave that to the culture, who knows where our children will end up. Teenagers report overwhelmingly so, that they base important decisions on at least considering the morals, values and opinions of their parents.

You (and your teen) might feel awkward talking about romantic relationships, but do your best to look comfortable during any talks. If you look too worried or negative they will be less likely to come to you if they want to talk.

Court records indicate that Sierra and Guerrero dated from June 2020 to December 2020, when their parents stopped them from seeing each other after learning that the teenagers planned to leave for Los Angeles together.

After you allow them an opportunity to explain their reasoning and feelings, tell them that though they may already know your opinion on this issue, you still want to share the reasons you believe teens should not participate in sexual intimacy.

Paige Clingenpeel is a licensed teen therapist and has worked on TV, radio, and web-based media. Her passion is creating health, hope, and humor for youth and their families.

7. Help your teens have options for the future that are much more attractive than early pregnancy and parenthood. Help them set real, meaningful goals for their future. Talk with them about what they will need to do to reach their goals, and help them reach these goals. Help them see how becoming a parent can derail the best of plans. For example, child care expenses can make it almost impossible to afford college.

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LikedWhat people say about you is opinion. What God says about you is fact. The way to know your worth is to focus on the facts.

Establish Healthy Boundaries. It is absolutely essential that you set limits and discuss your expectations about dating. Teens who are a bit too interested in romantic relationships are much more likely to engage in risky behavior, such as chatting online with strangers or agreeing to sexual requests from peers. Appropriate boundaries to set for your tween or teen are:

Help your teen discover their talents and passions. Teens who become obsessed with their latest crush are at risk of either forgetting about their other interests or not exploring new activities. Teens should be exposed to a wide variety of experiences (educational opportunities, volunteer work, part-time employment, sports, clubs, artistic endeavors, etc.) so that they can unearth their talents, passions, and interests that might define their future. Encourage your teen to focus on a wide variety of activities so that they can develop independence separate from the latest crush.

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Obvi this is for the teen who lives in cooler weather, but a leather jacket goes with everything and fits with literally their most casual gear. Bonus? You can absolutely make it custom to his measurements, so he will look ultra-cool and effortless at the same time.

My teen brother has literally called me while being in the room next to me so I can grab him a drink from the kitchen. Yes, they are that lazy sometimes and that's fine! I'm lazy, too! This fridge will make it so they can grab a soda or seltzer from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Sure, laster tag is cool, but sometimes you're not always near a center and it can kinda be expensive. Voila: homemade laser tag!! You can do it with family or (as he probably prefers) with friends out in the backyard at night.

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