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Jackson Reyes
Jackson Reyes

[S4E7] Down The Rabbit Hole \/\/FREE\\\\

At Eddie's trailer, Dustin and the others poke a hole through that creepy-crawly crack in the ceiling and toss up a make-shift rope made out of bedsheets, which unravels down in the Upside Down, defying the laws of physics (Again, trippy.) They pull Eddie's noticeably stained mattress ("Those stains are, uh. I don't know what those stains are." Sure you don't, Eddie.) under the crack. Robin crawls up the makeshift rope and lands on the mattress, and then Eddie follows. Nancy is next, but of course, you didn't think that the whole gang would make it out unscathed, did you?

[S4E7] Down the Rabbit Hole



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