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Much of the charm, about the first film with the same name, is the fact, that the director, Amir Shervan sincerely attempt try to make a decent buddy cop movie; while also unintentional failing miserably. Here, the director, Gregory Hatanaka knew, what type of a movie, it was intentional going for. So, it didn't care, if his cast and crew made goofs or mistakes, because it was supposed to look, like a badly made movie. Due to that, it wasn't as fun to watch, like the 1991 film, because how sluggish, this 2015 film looks. It's harder to laugh about something, that trying to look inept, than one that was trying not to be. It is like the rip-pant joke from 'Spongebob Squarepants'. First time, you see, somebody embarrassed themselves, it's funny, because they didn't meant to do that. The second, and third, not so much, because it seems like they doing it on purpose, and just seeking attention. So, you can understand, why this tongue-in-cheek film, felt annoying to watch for me. It was too, into the joke. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of seeing, Officer Joe Marshall (Matt Hannon AKA Matt Karedas) & his partner, the street wise Officer Frank Washington (Mark Frazier) having to team up, once again, 25 years later, in order to stop the reorganized Katana crime organization. I just wish the film, would had, shown that; instead of tiresome, confusing exposition dumps, and turf warzone between different groups of mostly white-yakuza gangs & family ties that make little sense. Without spoiling the movie, too much, while, 'Samurai Cop 2', feels more like Samurai movie than the first movie, it doesn't feel, like a buddy cop film, with each character, having their own direction in, how to get the Katana crime organization, out of power. Because of this, the film feels, a bit disjointed. Still, I'm pretty glad to see, actor, Matt Karedas reprise his role as Joe Marshall, seeing how people thought; he was dead, prior to 2014. After all, I really doubt, I would watch this Kickstarter movie, with Mark Frazier as the main lead, alone. It would be hard to watch, a movie called 'Samurai' Cop, with no samurai cop. It just wouldn't work. Nevertheless, I'm also pretty glad, to see Frazier, back as well, even if both main actors look haggy and tiresome. Both, look and sound, like they had improve, since the last movie. Another person, I was really looking forward to, was Tommy Wiseau as Linton Kitano, the villain. While, I know, that his acting is god-awful. At least, he was entertaining. He was, the bolt of energy, this film, really needed. Much of the charm for this movie, is seeing the main actor from 2003's 'The Room' face off, with Matt Karedas. For the most part, the film kinda delivered, on that promise. The duel scene, toward the end, was indeed, the highlight of the film. However, I really didn't dig, the idea of Joe fighting against new, Katana crime organization made out of stereotypical, one-dimensional sex vixens, with the majority of porn stars like Lexi Belle who can't act, playing them. It was kinda jarring; seeing, how the clan is supposed to be well-trained in the martial arts, and follow a strict codes of conduct and organized fiefdom-nature. Yet, in this film, it's seem, like, they don't even, pose, a threat to Joe Marshall. Not only, does it, hurt the action scenes like the badly done airplane scene, but it makes the film, way too sleazy. The film had way, too many fan-service sex scenes with these women. The only porn star that really does seem like, she was trying to break the mold, was Kayden Kross as Joe's love interest, Milena / Jennifer. Yet, her performance was mediocre, at best. However, at least, she wasn't as bad, as Bai Ling. Her character, Doggé was by far, one of the most annoying thing in this film and hard to understand, due to her thin Chinese accent. I really couldn't stand her. You really do need subtitles to understand, what the hell, she is saying. As for the men, it has to be Shane Ryan as Leonard Sakai. He really was nails on a chalkboard. Despite that, I do like the idea of returning minor actors like Cranston Komuro & Joselito Rescober, reprising their old roles, or taking new part. It made for some, really cool references and inside jokes. I also like the homages to other B-list action films, such as 1988's 'Maniac Cop' & 1972's 'The Outside Man' with the people and film styles, they brought in. However, I do think, the movie was, too ambitious in making homages for their own good. The tone of the film is a bit weird. I don't know, what they were going for, with the ugly dark color scheme. The visuals looks gloomy and uber futuristic/apocalypse. Hyped stylized, like its 1982's 'Blade Runner' or something. It's so surreal. Another problem with the film is the confusing edits, and surreal imagery. It was really hard to follow, with all the drug trips, flashbacks, and daydreaming. It also doesn't help the film, that it uses CGI, very badly. The overused of after effects explosions, that leave airplane, intact and fake-looking computer gallons of blood, combine with fake-green screen set, make this movie, hard to watch, at time. Even the music is distracting. Why are they, playing a love song, during the action scenes!? Better yet, why do they end the film, so abruptly!? It's such a headache! Overall: Like the first movie, this film also brought dishonor to buddy cop genre, because how badly, made it was. However, it was made a lot worst, which was very disappointing. Felt bad to anybody that gave money to the Kickstarter project. It was such, a double-edge sword. In the end, I really can't recommended, this sequel to anybody for curiously sakes. Watch the original movie, instead.

I Am Bolt YIFY

@atheistknowledge: I wouldn't say hulk has better stats, they're fairly even, hulk has much more strength and durability, while black bolt has much more speed and agility and can fly, along with molecular manipulation and his voice. BB just needs to stay out of reach and use his powerful ranged attacks to eventually take down hulk.

@atheistknowledge: black bolt absolutely has better speed and agility than the hulk, hulk cannot fly, while black bolt can at speeds exceeding 1000 mph. Black bolt's screams blew through all of thanos' shielding and caused him to bleed the same thanos who took punches from Odin and smiled, im fairly certain he will be able to damage the hulk, also black bolts screams are affected by his emotional state as well, when he is calm his voice is less destructive, but when he is mad or is emotionally distressed his voice becomes more destructive, so being morals off and bloodlusted helps BB out just as much as it does the hulk.

@yify: thank you I've seen it a million times. He's being over loaded and all that happened was he shooksome volcanoes on the other side of the planet. No way to know how big the planet is and that's one of, if not the best feat he's had. Cool

@yify: thank you I've seen it a million times. He's being over loaded and all that happened was he shooksome volcanoes on the other side of the planet. No way to know how big the planet is and that's one of, if not the best feat he's had. Cool 041b061a72


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