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Jackson Reyes
Jackson Reyes

Your Love (Radio Mix) !!TOP!!

The Candi Staton a cappella was originally mixed over an instrumental version of the Frankie Knuckles/Jamie Principle house song "Your Love". This bootleg release was a studio recording of Eren Abdullah mixing the two pieces of vinyl together. The DJ Eren "Original Bootleg" mix was released by John Truelove's record label in 1991 and reached number four[3] in the UK Singles Chart. It was re-issued in 1997 by React Music Limited in a new remixed version called the "Now Voyager Mix".[4] This time the record reached number three, the song's highest position, and then was remixed again in 2006 with new mixes by the Shapeshifters amongst others. This time the rights to the record were picked up by EMI's Positiva label (also the label the Shapeshifters were signed to), who scored another top ten hit, when the track reached number seven. The 2006 mix also featured more lyrics than the first two versions.

Your Love (Radio Mix)



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