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Cod Html Redirect Site Mobi

One thing: Once a mobile user logs onto the site it takes them to the mobile site. I want to let them be able to go to the full-version site. But of course when they click on the link, it redirects them to the mobile site.

Cod Html Redirect Site Mobi


Wrap your switcher in a if/then statement, and if the user chooses to go to the full site, it sets the cookie and reloads. The reload will run through the if/then switcher, but by adding a line to check if cookie exists, that means if it does then the user opted IN for the full site and OUT of mobile, sending to mobile sheets or mobile site stops right there, no duplication of content, saves your google ranking and to undo the no-mobile, they simply clear the cookie. No cookie? Then the user detection runs, picks mobile or full until the user decides otherwise.

I have not seen it acting glitchy. The code you are talking about should be placed on the mobile index page. That is the PHP code that will set the cookie to override the mobile redirect when you try to view your full site.

I would think that this JS would go in the head, before any full-site CSS and content, therefore redirecting before loading unnecessary files. That can be slow on mobile and take up valuable KB transfer.

Basic question: How do I manage and update a mobile subdomain so that the user can have the optionality of switching back and forth between the mobile and desktop version of the site? In other words, what is the best way to ensure that the content remains the same on both sites, and only the layouts change? Or do I have to manually update and upload the desktop site, then manually update and upload the mobile site?

Hi all i am new here andeveryone is talking about redirect to the mobile websitebut what if i want to redirects Visitors when they try to view your WebApp or mobile site on a PC.i want pc users that go manualyfrom to can anyone do that?thanks

This is a great option, but I have a question. How do you deal with users clicking a link on the mobile site to view main site? At the moment this would just end up re-directing them back to the mobile version

I was using the following script but not sure what models this works on (this was for a mobile site I built so long ago it was in tables!! :-P) so you will need to do some testing but you get the idea.

i want to use it as onclick function. Actually i have software site. when user click on download and then page auto redirect according to user operating system. If user OS is MAC and then redirect MAC page, if Windows and then redirect to Windows. Thanks

both websites have a same urls for example if you will open desktop version ( and a same url on mobile version ( but the problem is i have all my website static and its very old website i have more then 10k static pages. will i go every page and add the code ? is there any solution to add some .htaccess codes and it works and redirect same to same but change .com to .mobi

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect that passes full link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page. 301 refers to the HTTP status code for this type of redirect. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website.

Redirects are a common part of website operations but can cause application security risks when carelessly implemented. An open redirect endpoint accepts untrusted inputs as the target URL, allowing attackers to redirect users to a malicious website and opening up a wide array of attack vectors. Exploitation can be as simple as manually changing a URL parameter value to an attacker-controlled site.

The most obvious use for a disguised malicious URL is in phishing attempts. If a legitimate site exposes an open redirect endpoint, attackers might send phishing emails with a link that seems to point at the original site but actually redirects to an attacker-controlled URL, for example:

This may work even for sites that require authentication. If the user is already logged into, clicking the redirect link might take them to a fake login page in an attempt to steal user credentials.

As a final example, open redirection can also allow attackers to specify non-HTTP protocols that would be blocked if called directly. For DOM-based redirects that allow the javascript: protocol, this can open up a cross-site scripting vulnerability and lead to arbitrary JavaScript code execution, for example:

If you have made changes to your site structure, you can still use the lines above on your old domain, but you will also need to create redirects in the .htaccess file on your new domain to handle the specific site changes.

I am not entirely sure what you have implemented or what you are trying to achieve. Putting the rule on your local .htaccess will only redirect page requests on localhost. Placing the rule on the remote site will only redirect page requests on the remote domain. This rule is designed to forward someone from an old domain that is being phased out to a new domain. So this should just be a one-way rule. If you added the rule on both sites with the domain logic reversed you would end up with an infinite loop of redirects between the two sites.

but its not redirecting at all and old domain is still landing at old site.i tested it on my local machine as i have indicated at other comment and everything was working fine.Not sure what going wrong here

Question plz.. I kinda got the same thing as this woman you helped here.For all pages, posts and media.But the home page I want redirected to a different site. What should my htaccess file look like? I need all links to be permanent redirects.

And the site I am moving has a squeeze page on the root and the actual WP site is in a /articles sub directory. I tried redirecting with both paths and no luck.Here is my new htaccess file for this site.

Hi Micah,I discovered that the redirects for this site had stopped. So I just checked the htaccess file and made a seemingly serendipitous mistake. I looked at the htaccess file on the new site, thinking I was on the old site. I pasted the edited file in and saved. Then the redirects properly resumed. At that point I realized what I had done. So I checked the htaccess file on the old site, and it was still just as I had written it before. To be safe I pasted the edited htaccess file code in and saved it. All appears to be working as it should Was this just dumb luck? Should I not have done that to the htaccess file on the new site, the one I am redirecting to?

Hi Micah,Now it is not working, so I went to the new site and deleted the redirect code. Then I have checked and double checked the htaccess code on the original (old) site and it looks exactly what you gave me earlier, which I just pasted in.

# END WordPressSorry for being such a dweeb, but I am clueless about this without your help.What is odd is the root, without the /articles where all my content is, redirects to the new site fine.

All very new to this, can I just confirm as I am being told that things have changed with Google this year and that not all advise is relevant anymore. Can you still redirect traffic from a site to a .com site without losing any rankings or traffic by using 301 redirects and it is easy for a professional to do?

I want to redirect from old page to its new page -better-tomorrow.html The old site was built using joomla and the new site built using dreamweaver and html. I have put this in the ht access file but it is not redirecting and is bringing up an internal server error.

HiI need little my public_html folder I have two folders each one for domain I own.Folder/domain inside is only index.htmlFolder/domain inside is entire shop/gallery.What I need is, if somebody type the address in browser I want to take him right away to the shop/gallery under

@joly, Matt Cutts from Google recommends that you redirect a small section of the site first and see how your rankings and traffic fare before redirecting the entire site. So on that front, you are doing the right thing. You just want to be sure that you can attribute potential issues to either the moving from one domain to another or the changing of your actual content. Many people make the mistake of doing both at the same time and then never know which one was the cause if they have issues.

We have acquired a company into ours. Lets call it Our site would be They will no longer be hosting I want to have all of to redirect to the homepage of I made an .htaccess file with:

Your .htaccess file looks correct. However, if you have the hosting provider point the old domain to the new one, your .htaccess file will never be read and your hosting provider might not implement a 301 redirect. For SEO, you definitely want a 301 redirect. I would just handle the redirects via .htaccess for now so that you have more granular control, just in case you need it. If possible, it is ideal to have the pages on the old site redirect to the closes match on the new site.

Personally, I would use .htaccess to handle this redirect, but you could do it through a number of different methods. It sounds like you should be setting a cookie on the users mobile device that indicates whether they prefer to see the mobile site or the full site. You can use .htaccess to conditionally redirect from the .com domain to the .mobi domain based on the value of the cookie or lack thereof.

I added 6 new jewelry images to a secret pin board in Pinterest before I created the actual product html pages on our website. I invited select people to view the secret pin board in advance of publishing the html pages on our site. This treatment was meant to make the invitees feel special. It worked because many accepted my invite and became followers. They also repinned our jewelry and many of their followers are also repinning.


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