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Buy Wine Online South Africa |TOP|

Do you miss the wild aroma of South Africa? You will find it again in South African white wine! White wines from the southern tip of Africa have a high recognition value. They are tangy, fruity, refreshing as well as expressive, complex and full-bodied. Buy white wine from South Africa online at Vinello and experience a wine variety from Africa's south, which is unmistakable!

buy wine online south africa

Meanwhile, wine lovers benefit from the flavors of the top white wines from the southernmost part of Africa. Irresistible are the white wines from the South African wine-growing region of Franschhoek, which means "French corner". But also a Chardonnay from the Coastal Region, convinces with its balanced character and fresh citrus fruit taste.

Vinello Tip: Would you like to order a particularly popular white wine from the best South African grape variety online? We recommend a dry from Graham Beck Wines from the 2013 vintage. The Game Reserve Chenin Blanc pampers the palate, is lively on the finish and leaves a wonderful taste of tropical fruit that also flatters the nose.

If you want to buy one of the best vintage white wines online, we advise you to buy South Africa white wines from the 2011 and 2012 vintages. The 2013 vintage, for example, produced an excellent Tokara Directors Reserve, a dry white wine with an alcohol content of 14.33 percent.

When you buy South African white wines online at Vinello, we assure you as a certified retailer a smooth process from order to delivery. Furthermore, we offer 14 payment methods and are happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or email.With us you get the best wine with cork guarantee from the most famous wine countries worldwide, as well as delicious specialties for your celebrations.

From the Cape in the south to the Elephant River Valley in the north, the vines enjoy sunny days and cooling sea breezes, refining South African rosé wine with a lush bouquet and verve. An irrepressible power in animating colours, from salmon rose to intense raspberry red, captivate both eye and palate and cut an attractive figure on any occasion. Enjoy rosé wines from South Africa in an informal and playful way, both in combination with light meals and solo. Pure drinking pleasure with South African rosés at VINELLO - a holiday for the senses, fun for the taste buds.

Dream of South Africa, of spirited nature and hearty culture - comfortably on the terrace and a South African Rosé in your hand. The fruity and refreshing creations feed the spirit and brighten the mood in pink splendour. Completely uncomplicated, you can order your South African wine online at VINELLO and await our securely packaged and carbon-neutral shipped packages. Buy rosé from South Africa cheap and bring colour into exquisite moments.

Deep red, rich South African wines, such as the full-bodied dry "Cabernet Sauvignon Western Cape 2014", go well with strong food flavours. Have a romantic dinner planned? Order online a soft, velvety Shiraz Merlot with a spicy, fruity bouquet. It goes well with spicy dishes as well as sweet desserts. Vinello wishes good enjoyment!

Due to the generally hot climate of South Africa, ideal conditions for winegrowing can only be found with the help of the sea winds, as they occur along the coast of the Western Cape province. Thus, the vineyards and estates are located almost exclusively here, at the southern tip of Africa. Divided into 4 regions, namely Breede River Valley, Coastal Region, Olifants River and Klein Karoo, viticulture is also organised into districts, wards and finally into individual estates and single vineyards, the latter of which may have a maximum area of 6 hectares. This division is decisive for the quality system of the South African viticulture. Wines with a protected indication of origin can be recognised by the designation Wine of Origin, or W.O. for short.

The Cape South Coast wine-growing region, which is still quite young, was founded in 2011, but it has earned a firm place among the best regions in South Africa with its sun-drenched South African red wines made of Pinot Noir and Pinotage, as well as refreshing white wines made of Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc grapes. The climate at the southernmost tip of the Western Cape is subject to the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The relentless winds result in thick skins of grapes and provide a multi-faceted concentration of flavours. The Cape South Coast region is emblematic of South African viticulture. Young, high quality and open for new things.

Wine and tourism go hand in hand in South Africa. But why book expensive flights now, when you can first have a wet dry run with fine wines from up-and-coming South Africa. Award-winning reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines and many strong and sweet specialities will satisfy your longing for distance and pleasure. Order your South African wines online cheaply and easily and benefit from our climate-neutral, insured and fast delivery. Pay how you want, let us deliver wherever you want, enjoy when you want - the main thing is that the temperament of South Africa arrives safely in wine form. Buy not only wine from South Africa, but also the character of a diverse and picturesque country.

The law currently only permits online alcohol orders to be collected from a local shop or restaurant rather than delivered to home as is the norm in many other markets. However, combined with the boom in home-based alcohol consumption caused by the Covid restrictions, and a general drift away from traditional categories such as soju, it has come at a fortuitous moment for the wine category.

Anyone with an interest in South African wine can do this online course, which was put together by WOSA in conjunction with Cathy Marston, Head of the International Wine Education Centre and WSET Educator of the Year. Six informative modules cover a variety of topics related to the South African wine industry, from history, varieties, wine styles and winegrowing areas to sustainable production and tourism. Each module is followed by a multiple choice quiz.

For the best price/quality ratio, we keep coming back to certain countries and regions: South Africa; regional France (and in particular Languedoc-Roussillon and the southern Rhône); and Argentina. We also argue, that Bordeaux, contrary to perceived opinion, is one of the best value sources of red wine in the world.

Sales are ticking along, but we have plenty of stock reserved, right up to the grand Faiveley reds (where a quick online trawl shows we are extremely competitive in our pricing). To order please go to our website and find the En Primeur tab as all the wines will be available there. If you prefer, or need advice, do call us on 01962 712351 or email us at Please note prices quoted exclude duty and VAT; and the wines will be available later in the year.

We have thousands of wines in our shop, and online we have curated a selection of these. Please contact us per email should you have any request - and if it's available, we can definitely get it for you! 041b061a72


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