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Discover Studio 13.37: A Fast and Powerful Linux Distro for Audio and Video Production

i have used vseeface on mac, linux, windows and ai for several years. there was a time when the ai version of studio was not working. i have not been able to get studio 13.37 to work with ai for several months. it is a problem. i have tried every version of studio that vseeface has.

studio 13.37 free download

synth is a free, highly configurable synthesizer with a user friendly interface and a huge collection of presets (see official site). the plugin was written in c++ using gtkmm 2.x. synth runs on windows xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit). it has a standard unix and dos user interface. the source code is available under gpl and gpl3.

if you're new to the puppy software project, you will want to download the full ubuntu-puppy dvd image. puppy is a fully installable linux distribution that will load your web browser and other applications on first run. it uses the sfs (system file system) method of installation, which means it will download and install your applications all at once. the other advantage of this method is that you can install applications from many different locations and a single installation can work on both macs and pcs. for more information about puppy linux, go to

this is the latest version of kxstudio puppy linux, now the primary puppy release. it is the "ultimate puppy linux distribution". the aim of kxstudio is to provide the most stable and up-to-date puppy that is also the easiest to install, and which offers a minimum of bloatware and applications, and maximizes resource usage for maximum performance.

it has the latest stable versions of some popular applications such as firefox, thunderbird, pidgin, libreoffice, xchat, midori and synfig. it has all official puppy applications and is fully supported and developed by the puppy community. you can find more information on


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