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Cal Poly Live Stream

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone based mobile operating systems will work best. Connection Speed 4G LTE preferred for the best connection Browsers Chrome, Safari and Microsoft browsers for mobile Cookies Enabled Ad/Pop-Up Blockers Disabled (on browsers and security programs) How do I turn off Ad / Pop-up blockers? Internet Explorer 9 (PC) Open Internet Explorer.

  • Click on "Tools" and choose "Internet Options."

  • Select the "Privacy" tab.

  • Uncheck the box "Turn on Pop-up blocker"

  • Confirm all changes by clicking on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the display window.

  • Chrome (PC/MAC) Click on the Chrome menu button. The Chrome menu button can be found at the top right corner of Chrome, and features 3 horizontal lines.

  • Point to Tools, then select Extensions. A list of all extensions you have in Chrome will display.

  • Navigate to the AdBlock extension in your list of add-ons.

  • Remove the checkmark next to Enabled to the right of the AdBlock extension. AdBlock will temporarily be disabled until you return to the Chrome Extensions menu to re-enable the extension.

  • If you want to permanently uninstall AdBlock from Chrome, click on the trash can icon to the right of Enabled; then click on Remove when prompted to confirm your decision.

  • Firefox (PC) Click on Tools and then select Add-ons.

  • Click Extensions from the left-hand pane.

  • Find AdBlock on the list of extensions.

  • Select Disable to temporarily disable AdBlock. If you want to turn it on again, you can return to this page and click Enable.

  • If you want to completely remove AdBlock, select Remove instead.

  • Firefox (MAC) Click on Tools and then select Add-ons.

  • Click Extensions from the left-hand pane.

  • Find AdBlock on the list of extensions.

  • Select Disable to temporarily disable AdBlock. If you want to turn it on again, you can return to this page and click Enable.

  • If you want to completely remove AdBlock, select Remove instead.

  • Safari (PC/MAC) Click on Safari located in the menu bar of your browser and select Preferences. The Preferences window will display.

  • Click on the Extensions button. A list of all extensions you have installed to Safari will display.

  • Navigate to and click on AdBlock in the list of extensions in the left pane.

  • Toggle the On button to Off in the Preferences window. AdBlock will then be temporarily disabled, until you decide you want the extension re-enabled.

  • To completely uninstall AdBlock, click on the Uninstall button instead. AdBlock will then be permanently removed from Safari.

What if the video constantly stops to buffer (or looks choppy)? We recommend viewing from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 3000-5000Kbps (3-5Mbps). However the stream may require higher speeds if the stream is being encoded at a higher bitrate. To test your speed, go to Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on WiFi and mobile internet), so running 3 tests is recommended.

Cal Poly Live Stream

Download File:

Please select the Sign Up tab on the right side of the All Access. You will be prompted to create a new account and to purchase a new pass. If you are having issues viewing this screen, please refer to the other Frequently Asked Questions or email Tech Support by selecting Contact Support. How can I request a refund if I could not see the game (due to technical difficulties or a cancelled stream)? Please log in with your account, select the 'Contact Support' and send us a message that explains the reason for requesting a refund. We will respond to your message within 24 hours or sooner.

All games scheduled to be streamed are listed on the All Access live events page. Any games not listed on this page are not scheduled to be streamed at this point in time. Try contacting the school directly to find out if they plan on broadcasting the game.

No. Each SIDEARM All Access site is unique and does not give you access to another institution's content. You may need to sign up with each school or conference unless they agree to share streaming resources while playing each other at home and away.

It's very easy to watch streaming events and on-demand content on your mobile device. In your mobile browser of choice, go to the All-Access page and the page will be completely mobile accessible. You can watch or listen to the game while you're on the go by accessing the same All-Access page that you would access on your desktop device at home.

The first thing to make sure of is that today's live event is an event that is a video stream and not an audio only stream. If the title denotes audio-only that will specify that it's not going to include video. If the title doesn't say audio only, then it could still be audio only. Here's a quick guide for what certain things indicate on the All-Access page:

This event would be a video event with audio, but it is a paid live event because of the lock over top of the thumbnail graphic to the left. This means that to watch this live event, you will need an active subscription.

This issue is most often times means that the school has not sent the stream to SIDEARM Sports yet. Hang tight and be patient, the stream should start by game time. It could also be a sign that you have an ad-blocker on your browser or computer. For assistance in removing that ad blocker, click here.

University Housing is excited to announce the launch of our new TV and entertainment service, SpectrumU. SpectrumU is a streaming service provided to all residents while living on-campus, with On-Demand content available off-campus. These services are provided at no additional cost.

Residents have access to 150+ channels, including premium stations such as HBO and sports networks. SpectrumU is available in community lounges and on your personal devices. Please review the information here to get connected and start streaming today!

Diaz defined her dreams while studying at Cal Poly as an English major who first hoped to write fiction. But her love of storytelling took another form in journalism. As a Cal Poly senior, she interned at the NBC affiliate, KSBY TV in San Luis Obispo. Diaz discovered she had a knack for news gathering and loved the spontaneity and unpredictability of live TV. She graduated in 1994, and the station hired her full time at the end of the internship.

This video at the link below was created by a ZOOM employee during a "live" training in Australia. It is an excellent starting point as a beginning ZOOM learner and will give you a "feel" for how ZOOM looks to your participants. When you open the link, you will see the audio transcript to the right. If you want to save time and skip to topics you are interested in, just click on the audio transcript text while playing the video, and the recording will jump to that particular section.

To access Settings, log in through the Cal Poly ZOOM site, click on Sign in (Configure your account), and then select Settings in the left menu bar.

1. Go into ZOOM through the website, select Sign in (Configure your account).2. The Cal Poly Single Sign-On Portal web page will appear. Sign in as you normally would into the portal.

Alternatively, you can also locate your recordings by going back into ZOOM through the link. Select Sign in (Configure your account) and then click on the Recordings link in the left navigation menu.

To access your ZOOM recording that you sent to the cloud, enter ZOOM through the link, select Sign in (Configure your account), and then click on Recordings in the left navigation menu.

Our CTLT accessibility specialist and instructional designer, Pam Dougherty, shares how to use Otter (a free download application) to "live caption" your ZOOM presentation for those students who have registered with the DRC. Check out her demonstration in the video below.Video: Demo of Using Otter with ZOOM for Live Captioning - Pam Dougherty

We recommend interesting sports viewing/streaming and betting opportunities. If you sign up for a service by clicking one of the links, we may earn a referral fee. Newsrooms are independent of this relationship and there is no influence on news coverage.

Cal Poly Corporation is the non-profit auxiliary organization to Cal Poly, providing self-supporting, innovative, and high-quality services to the university and assisting the institution in achieving its educational mission. For additional information, visit or call 805-756- 1451.

Design and selection of machine elements (bearings, gears, fasteners, springs, etc.) is emphasized in the design course sequence. Some system synthesis is also practiced. ME Students have 24-hour card swipe access to the Design Studios with their Calpoly id card.

The Fresno State Bulldogs broadcasts are again on iHeartRadio. The broadcasts will be aired locally on 1340 AM, 1400 AM and 96.7 FM in Fresno, 1280 AM in Stockton, 92.9 FM in Modesto and 970 AM in Bakersfield. The stream can also be heard on the iHeartRadio app in California and across the globe on the "Fresno State Bulldogs" app or "The Varsity Network" app. Paul Loeffler, Pat Hill and Cam Worrell are on the call. The pregame show begins two hours before kickoff. 041b061a72


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